40 Reasons I NEED The Internet!

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We are a typical 21st century family – we have electronic devices coming out of our ears, we take roughly 683 photos a day, and our lives totally evolve around the internet!

Hubby and I are both 30 and so firmly in the “Millennials” camp. We have grown up with the internet, and social media shaped our formative years. We are both in the internet industry, myself as a blogger / influencer, and hubby as a web developer.

The internet is our lives!

So I decided to make a list of all the things we use the internet for in everyday life!

40 reasons I need the internet!

1) To check the weather forecast

2) To find where the nearest baby group is

3) To sell my second hand baby clothes

4) To buy Christmas gifts

5) To chat to my friends

6) To send cute family photos to my family

7) To check the bus timetable

8) To catch up on the TV shows I missed

9) To watch random clips of old TV shows

10) To socialise

Post Office Fibre BroadBand Internet

11) To plan meet-ups with friends

12) To compare my evening bike ride to everyone else’s

13) To find a new recipe for dinner

14) To send a birthday card

15) To entertain the kids

16) To find my way home

17) To “research” my new co-worker

18) To apply for jobs

19) To find out when the school bake sale is

20) To remind myself how to do the kids’ homework

Post Office Fibre Internet Pink Flowers Computer

21) To buy my groceries

22) To pay my bills

23) To find out when the play gym opens

24) To check when high tide is

25) To research my child’s latest random rash

26) To back up my laptop data

27) To convert pounds and ounces to grams

28) To compare insurance / utility bill providers

29) To book a holiday

30) To find out how busy the roads are

Post Office Internet Package Pink Rose

31) To back up the photos from my phone

32) To work out what to get someone for their 40th wedding anniversary

33) To renew our library books

34) To get some craft inspiration to occupy the kids

35) To find out how much next door’s house is worth

36) To read the news

37) To listen to music

38) To check my bank balance

39) To find out someone’s post code

40) To find out what’s on in the area

Post Office Internet Pink Laptop Lillies

Honestly, I could’ve kept going all day with this list. We use the internet for everything! That’s why it’s really important for us to choose a reliable internet provider.

Internet from the Post Office

The Post Office have recently added broadband to their list of services. The Post Office is one of those household names that you trust instinctively so I was keen to try them out.

We signed up for their Fibre Broadband Deal back in October so we’ve had a few weeks to put it through its paces already! And I have to say, we’ve been very impressed. Even though we had fibre broadband with a different provider before, the Post Office router more than doubled our download speed, bringing it up to 35mbps. That means there’s ample internet for us to be running several devices at once.

Hubby and I rarely watch live TV so once the kids are in bed, we catch up on our favourite TV shows via the internet. You don’t want the picture freezing just as they’re about to announce who’s in the Strictly dance off!

I have to report that our 5G signal stops broadcasting every so often, meaning we lose connection. This can be a little frustrating but it never seems to be as we’re using it – it’s in between uses. However, a quick refresh and it kicks in again.

Post Office Internet Pink Rose Bud

With my work as a blogger, and hubby’s role as a web developer, we also spend a lot of time uploading large files to the internet. Again, this has worked really well and our upload speed has increased from 1.9mbps to 9.5mbps.

The whole process has been really easy. We signed up on the website and the Post Office took care of everything else, even contacting our existing internet provider to let them know we were switching.

And we get unlimited weekend calls too.

There is an introductory deal of just £28 a month so bag yourselves a bargain while you can! To keep all those plates spinning, you need a dependable internet service and I think we might have found one!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the Post Office who installed fibre broadband for us for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. For more info, check out my disclosure policy.

How often do you use the internet? Did you have the internet growing up? Do you think that affects how much you use it now? What single internet service could you not do without? Let’s start the discussion – leave your comments below. x


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  1. 2
    Noleen Miller

    I’m totally lost without the internet and as you said as a blogger we basically need it to survive. Oh and when I’m out, I always look for restaurants or coffee shops with wifi – can’t go without it. We also have a pretty good set up at home but when everyone is busy especially when the kids are doing projects then there is an overload. We currently looking at upgrading too.#StayClassyMama

  2. 3
    Lydia C. Lee

    I use it for SM and just to answer any random question that pops up (last night it was ‘is Paul McCartney’s 3rd wife deaf’ (a friend asked because he had film clips of people signing in his song dedicated to her. Before, we would never know, now we just google. I bank online and obvs blog. I google map and ebay. I don’t think a day goes by without using the internet – except when I travel…that’s my detox. #FortheloveofBLOG

  3. 6

    Hubby and I too are both IT addicts, despite remembering the first time I was introduced to the internet, at secondary school in the IT suite…where I wondered ‘What would I search for on the internet?!”. Ha ha, the hilarity of that!
    On a more serious note, I’m intrigued by your Post Office info – I’m with a big provider that begins with V and I’ve ALWAYS been really disappointed, despite spending many hours on the phone – given up!
    Thanks so much for linking with #coolmumclub

  4. 15

    Having grown up without the internet and my kids only having access to it via dial up, i can honestly say i don’t NEED the internet, it’s just nice having it. I’m of the generation that has the skills to know what to do when the internet isn’t working and to continue with my life. Too many people these days have no idea how to get things done without using the internet and google spoils a good discussion/debate/argument


  5. 16
    Mrs Mummy Harris

    It is amazing how much the internet is relied upon nowadays. I miss the days of going to the library to get facts and it used to be exciting as I also got to get a new selection of books!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next year! Merry Christmas Lovely!

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