9 Things My Kids Say That Make My Heart Sing

As a mum, you spend a lot of time listening to your kids! Sometimes they’re singing, sometimes they’re screaming, sometimes they’re making car noises, and sometimes they’re making angry noises.

But there are 9 things my kids say that mean more to me than anything else.

These little phrases make me smile. They make me glow with pride. They give me hope for the future. They put life into perspective when I’m feeling a little low.

9 Things My Kids Say That Make My Heart Sing

Watch me!

When my kids say “Watch me,” it’s usually because they’ve mastered some new skill. It could be standing on one leg whilst holding a book. It could be running up and then leaping over a stuffed toy. It could be a groovy new dance move they’ve just invented.

It doesn’t really matter what it is – they just want me to be involved. They’re proud of themselves and they want me to be proud of them too.

It’s a phrase that rings with confidence. They are so self-assured that they’re doing something amazing and that I will be desperate to see it. And yes, actually, I am!

When my kids say “Watch me,” they are calling me to be a part of their world.

9 things my kids say that make my heart sing - watch me! - child leaping jumping off a wall

Are you okay?

Hubby and I have worked hard to teach our girls empathy. We want them to be able to look beyond themselves and to recognise when others need help.

After a particularly stressful time, last week, Jenny and Charis both came to ask if I was okay. They curled up on my lap and sat with me. And that’s all it takes sometimes – we don’t need someone to fix everything, we just want them to sit with us through it.

When my kids say, “Are you okay?” they are thinking of other people and developing kindness.

I’ve got an idea!

I always smile when one of them jumps up and declares that they have an idea! The world needs creative thinkers – people who can solve problems, think outside the box, and develop ideas into solutions.

I also love that they are confident enough to share their ideas. Charis is 3 years old, and “I’ve got an idea” is one of her favourite phrases at the moment. She doesn’t have anywhere near as much life experience as the rest of us, but she knows that she has a unique perspective to offer. She can think for herself and knows that she can add value to our group.

When my kids say, “I’ve got an idea!” they are confidently sharing their creativity.

Things my kids say that make my heart sing - I've got an idea - child doing an animal jigsaw

I love you

I’m not sure there’s anything as special as your children voluntarily telling you that they love you. It’s one of those things that just melts your heart and turns your legs to jelly.

As mums, we work so hard to lavish our kids with love and to care for their every need. When our little ones recognise it and say these three beautiful words, it’s the best feeling in the world.

In our family, we also have a “secret code” where we squeeze hands 3 times to say “I love you” – it’s a way of saying it in a busy crowd without everyone else knowing.

When my kids say, “I love you,” they are mirroring the love I show them.

No – I don’t want a kiss

This is something I have been strict on from the beginning – my girls have the right to refuse kisses, cuddles, high fives, etc, from anyone! Even me.

I want them to know that their bodies are their own. They will not be forced to give physical affection to someone, just because that person has asked for it.

Even when I put them to bed, I always ask for a kiss and cuddle instead of just doing it. If they say no, I might ask for a high five instead. Which they may or may not do. The point is – it’s always up to them. And they are still just as loved, whether they choose to give me a kiss or not.

When my kids say “I don’t want a kiss”, they are taking charge of their own bodies.

9 things my kids say that make my heart sing - no I don't want a kiss - sisters watching a lake with birds on

7yo: Wow sweetheart – I think that was your best throw ever!

3yo: Wow dat your best!

I’m not going to pretend that our lives are perfect and our girls never fight. We are just a regular family. BUT when the kids are in the right frame of mind, they can be so lovely together, and really look out for each other.

Jenny (7) is so encouraging of her little sister and praises her so highly when she manages to do something. And this is now rubbing off on Charis (3) who will praise Jenny back.

They are supporting each other, and recognising each other’s achievements. They are learning that they are not in competition – they can both shine in their own way. And it doesn’t matter if you’re better at something than someone else – if they’ve achieved something, they deserve to be praised.

When my kids say, “That was brilliant,” they are building each other up.

9 things my kids say that make my heart sing - that was brilliant - children riding a sledge sisters

Can I help?

I want my girls to be helpful teens and adults, and so I need to let them be “helpful” kids. Yes it takes longer when they want to help hang the washing out and yes it’s messier when they want to help me cook tea, but their willingness to help needs to be encouraged.

There are days when it’s just not practical, but as much as possible, I try to let them help me when they ask. It’s a lovely way to spend time with them too, whilst still getting jobs done around the house.

When my kids say, “Can I help?” they are seeing a need and filling it.

I’m brilliant at…

Regular readers will know that we are family of self-doubters (well myself and Jenny at least). So it really fills me with pride when my girls are able to spout off about how wonderful they are.

The way we speak to and about ourselves makes a big difference and so every morning before school, I encourage my kids to tell me something brilliant about themselves. I want them to be their own private cheerleaders.

When my kids say, “I’m brilliant at…”, they’re supporting themselves.

9 things my kids say that make my heart sing - I'm brilliant - child walking through snow


Thank you

Last but not least – thank you. Two little words that can really mean the world to someone. Saying thank you is a way of acknowledging what someone has done for you – it means “I saw what you did and I am really grateful.”

It’s not just about being polite – it’s about actually feeling appreciative and being genuinely thankful for that person’s actions.

When my kids say, “Thank you,” they are seeing kindness in others and feeling grateful for their help.


What phrases are important in your house? What things do your kids say that really melt your heart? How do you encourage them to think this way? Please leave me a comment below and let me know! xx


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9 Things My Kids Say That Make My Heart Sing! - we work so hard to treat out children with respect and to raise confident kids. When you see your child sharing empathy with someone else or building someone else up , it feels amazing. Gentle Parenting works and self-assured kids that are kind and generous are the result

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  1. 4

    #BlogCrush This post has really made my day. My two-year-old is starting to speak in sentences, and I love it when he says, “Love you Mama”, “Thank you Mama”, and “Sam Do It” (I will do it).

  2. 8
    The Modern Father

    Great that your kids are building you up, as well. We’ve also been working on getting our boys to express autonomy over their own body, especially when it comes to someone else trying to by physical with them.

    At the same time, I tend to stop breathing each time I hear, “Watch me!”, as it’s usually proceeded by some kind of death-defying act. Then again, I have toddlers. #BlogCrush

  3. 9
    Noleen Miller

    Kids just know how to melt your heart with what they say. Mine will usually welcome me when I come from work and ask “how was your day mom” – when I’m a bit down they would say “what can we do to make it better?” “I love you so much to the moon and back” “Can I have some of that please”

  4. 12
    Margaret Langan

    I love this post, Lucy! It absolutely harmonizes with what we try to do at home, and I find it validating to hear other mom’s say the same. Especially about setting physical boundaries – we’re trying so hard to teach consent, and that’s tough with young toddlers. And other people don’t always understand it. Thanks for the encouragement to keep it up in our house! #blogcrush

  5. 16
    Rhyming with Wine

    I love how in in tune you are with your daughters’ feelings and needs and it absolutely shines through in the values that you are nurturing with them. Your three squeezes code is a great idea! Thanks for linking up Lucy x #DreamTeam

  6. 17

    Lovely post Lucy. We have a secret code too. It is blinking, but slowly like you mean it. This is what cats do when they are showing affection so we stole it from them. Also love the point about saying no to kisses. One of my sons hates to kiss and that is his choice. It is also then extra special when he takes my hand and gives it a little peck. #blogcrush

  7. 18
    Rebecca - Glutarama

    What a lovely post to read, how refreshing. I love that you’ve allowed us into your little world of secret codes and family rules. My life seems somewhat chaotic in comparison, but then again, maybe if i sit and think about it…..we also have these little ways about us. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect xx

  8. 19

    You always amaze me with your posts, Lucy! This is such an important topic and helps us to the see the big things in little things, I especially liked ‘I don’t want a kiss,’ well done for instilling that in your girls, it’s really important #BlogCrush

  9. 22
    Malin - Sensational Learning with Penguin

    These kind of posts are difficult when you have a non-verbal child who doesn’t really communicate any of these things. Although he shows his love, his wants and his ‘don’t wants’ in other ways, mainly through body language.
    It’s sounds like you’re doing a great job listening to your girls, and communicating with them about a lot of important values xx

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