Thirteen Valentines Days Ago, It Was Just You & I

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Thirteen Valentines Days ago, it was just you and I sharing a takeaway in our student halls. I had angsted over buying the perfect gift for my boyfriend. We had been together 3 months.

My heart thumps a little faster as I remember those magical early months and the way that falling in love with you was the easiest thing I have ever done.

Thirteen Valentines Days - Messy bedroom, student accommodation

Actual footage of me in my student halls!

Thirteen Valentines Days ago

I think of the time we got caught out in that epic thunderstorm in just our shorts and t-shirts – you lifted me onto the handlebars of your bike and charged us home at full speed. As we rounded the bend to our student village, soaked to the bone and dripping wet, we were greeted with a cheering crowd who’d gathered to watch the storm!

I remember the songs you would write for me. I remember watching you strum your guitar to that very first song – the moment I realised that I was indeed in love with you.

I remember squinting at the computer screen with you, as we tried to live-stream the 2006 FIFA World Cup because we didn’t have a TV. Online TV was in its infancy and the image was the size of a polaroid picture. It also froze at all the key moments which just made us howl with laughter.

Thirteen Valentines Days ago, I already knew that you were my soul mate.

thirteen valentines days ago - hubby and I on our wedding day

And now…

And thirteen Valentines Days ago, we were just at the beginning. Since then, our tale has had some soaring highs and some deeply painful lows. From chronic illnesses to weddings, from births to deaths, from graduations to failures – you have been my rock through it all.

Thirteen Valentines Days ago, I trusted you with my fragile, broken heart… and you have gently, tenderly, pieced it back together. And not just once, but over and over and over again.

And so I can stand here today and celebrate love.

I can whisper to my children that true love does exist. I can show unconditional love to others because you have lavished it on me. I can be happy and confident because, at the end of the day, you are there, always.

Thirteen Valentines Days Hand Displaying Wedding Ring

Valentines Day Gift

So once again I find myself wondering what to get you for Valentines Day. How can I possibly find an adequate gift? What present could even get close to expressing my love for you?

And then I realised… nothing comes close!

But what I can do, is get you something you’ll really, really like.

I used the new A.I. shopping assistant, Sunny, from UncommonGoods (it’s a bit like the Siri or Alexa of the shopping world) to find a list of things that would be right up your street. I wanted to buy from a company that reflects the values that you have always lived by – generosity, integrity, responsibility to others.

Thirteen Valentines Days - Suuny AI Shopping Assistant UncommonGoods

Thirteen Valentines days ago, you won my heart and today I hope to show you a little of what that means with this valentines gift for you, my husband.


How long have you and your partner been together? Have you got any plans for Valentines Day this year? Have you got any Valentines Days that particular stick out in your mind, either for good or bad reasons? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments sections below.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. All opinions are my own. For more information, please check out my disclosure policy.

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Thirteen Valentines Days Ago - why it's so important to get the perfect valentines day gifts for him and why it also doesn't matter at all!

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    Beautiful Lucy xx we just had a romantic night in. I think after 23years, still wanting to snuggle on the sofa together, is a testament to our love for each other xxx

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