Five Incredibly Useful Linky Tips For Bloggers

When I started my blog, I set up a Twitter account, and I messaged every blogger who followed me with the same question: “Have you got any advice for a newbie blogger like me?” Lots of answers came back, but there was one common idea that kept cropping up… join a linky!

Honestly, I had no idea what a linky was! – (If you’re not sure either, check out this post on “What is a linky party and why should I join one?“) – But once I worked out what to do, my stats shot through the roof (comparatively!)

Lots of bloggers join linky parties, but I know very few who utilise them to their full potential. I’m going to share 5 top tips with you and then break down exactly why and how this boosts your blog. I hope you find it helpful…

1. Find a linky that works for you

There are hundreds of linkies out there, and they’re all be slightly different – different times, different rules, different topics, different genres. So find the ones that work for you. Here are 6 linkies that I highly recommend (1 for each day of the week, and the last one is my own!)

Start with a few and see how you go. At my peak, I was joining 12 or more linkies every week!

Pink Pear Bear linky badge

MONDAY: Big Pink Link

TUESDAY: Dream Team


Brilliant blog posts on linky badge

WEDNESDAY: Brilliant Blog Posts

a blogging good time linky badge

THURSDAY: A Blogging Good Time

FRIDAY: The List Linky
Blog Crush linky on

FRIDAY: Blog Crush (this is ours!)

2. Be first on the list

I strongly believe the key to making the linky strategy work, is to be at the top of the list. And the only way to be at the top of this list is to add your link before other people do.

Find out what time your chosen linky opens (it will usually say somewhere on the page) and join as close to that time as possible. If you’re not a morning person, you’re going to struggle as most start accepting links at about 6:00am GMT. I can’t bring myself to get up quite that early, but at 6:30 every morning, you will find me, bleary-eyed, huddled in a blanket, peering at a computer screen.

Ah the glamourous life of a blogger!

But it’s worth it. If you’re at the top of the list, people see your post first when they’re trying to decide which ones they fancy reading.

Also, lots of people do their commenting when they add their own link. That means the earliest posts get a lot more comments because they’re the only ones available (i.e. linker 15 only has 14 posts to choose from so you have a 21% chance of being chosen, but linker 30 has 29 posts to choose from so you only have a 10% chance of being chosen)

BONUS TIP: Remember, you don’t have to do your commenting when you link up. I link up at 6:30am and then I come back at lunchtime to do my commenting. Get yourself at the top of the list and then do your commenting at a time that’s convenient for you.

Early morning internet blog linky

3. Tweet the hosts

I think every linky I’ve joined has encouraged participants to tweet the hosts. Usually the linky has its own hashtag so you tweet the hosts your linked post and include the hashtag. I usually say something along the lines of:

Five Incredibly Useful Linky Strategy Tips For Bloggers – linked to #blogcrush with @lucy_at_home @naptimenatter

The host will then retweet this to their followers. This advertises your post to a lot more people, and it increases your Twitter engagement stats (another thing companies are interested in).

4. Follow the rules

I’ll admit when I first started joining linkies, I saw commenting on other people’s blogs as nothing more than a necessary evil – the price to pay for getting people to leave comments on mine.

One or two people go further than this and blatantly ignore the rules. I will tell you now – this is NOT good blogger etiquette. We all have weeks when we accidentally mess up, but regular freeloaders risk being banned from the linky altogether.

Having said that, I’ve now grown to love my commenting time. Liare great because there are loads of interesting blog titles all in one place so you just find something that interests you. I’ve read posts that made me cry, made me laugh, taught me a new skill. And there is new stuff every week!

Crucially for your blog stats, though, commenting on other people’s blogs brings you exposure.

  • When you comment, use your blog name (so I put “Lucy At Home”). Now everyone who reads the comments has heard of your blog
  • If you write a really interesting comment, people sometimes click through to your site to find out more about you
  • If you comment regularly on someone’s site, they begin to notice you, and may well go to your blog to reciprocate. I’ve done this lots of times
  • Some blogs have the “comment luv” plug-in installed. This gives you a no-follow link back to your blog (if you don’t know what this is, don’t worry – just trust me that it’s good!)

BONUS TIP: A common linky rule is to comment on the blog linked up before you. If you’re planning to add 2 links to the blog hop, add your first post and then wait for someone else to add one before adding your second. Otherwise, you miss your guaranteed comment because the person before you is you!

5. Share, share, share

If you find a post that you enjoyed, share it. Most bloggers have sharing buttons installed on their blogs so, with one click, you can tweet the post or send it to Facebook.

This is a kind thing to do and is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Of course you should never share a post for the sole reason of wanting the other blogger to share something of yours, but you will often find that if you help other bloggers out, they will help you out. That’s one of the lovely things about blogging.


So I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful. How many are you doing at the moment? Are there any ideas here that you’ve not considered before? Have you got any other link strategy tips that bloggers would find helpful? Please leave your feedback below.

Pinterest Linky Parties - 5 incredibly useful tips for bloggers - blogging tips and blogging hacks

Blog Crush linky on

Brilliant blog posts on


Diary of an imperfect mum


Add yours
  1. 4
    Heather Keet

    Thank you for this post. I have to say that my biggest pet peeve is when people link but they never share. They think we don’t notice but when a post follows yours and theny are supposed to share/comment and they don’t, it puts a damper on the good time just a bit. #BlogCrush

    • 5
      Lucy At Home

      Oh I know – that is so frustrating. I just can’t understand why people join and don’t follow the rules. I’ve become even more aware of this since hosting #blogcrush. It’s just so unfair on everybody else. Grrr!

  2. 6

    A great post, especially for those starting out and are thinking what on earth is a linky??? Reading the other posts is my favourite part for sure. I need to follow your example with the early linking as mine often get swamped in the middle. #blogcrush

  3. 10

    Great tips. I know it’s good to get on the top of the list but honestly, I’m not getting up in the middle of the night or the early morning to put my link on, no way do I take any devices to the bedroom! You’ll see my adds about half way down usually. Commenting is great, I do as much as I can, I love it. It is also a fantastic way to get to know other bloggers. I do love a good linky and I love your post, it’s so informative.

  4. 13
    Anne - Just Only Home

    Love this post. I really love linkies. I’d say that 95% of the blogging women I have met and have a friendship with now were met from the interactions we had during a link-up. That’s been the absolute best thing about them! And if you don’t follow the rules, you don’t have much chance of interacting like that! Also thanks for the linky list! #BlogCrush

    • 17
      Lucy At Home

      Haha it’s hard getting up even earlier than you need to, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. And you don’t need to do all the commenting and stuff then. Just add your link and then pop back later to actually browse and take part

  5. 18

    Some good Tips. I don’t think I could do a linky a day, I’d be so worried I’d forget to comment and be linky black listed. When I started blogging I was really intimidated by them, they seemed so difficult! #blogcrush

    • 19
      Lucy At Home

      Haha. I started off doing 1 a week and it grew and grew. At once point I was probably closer to 15 a week, but I’ve cut back a lot since hosting #blogcrush as that takes up a lot of my time. They’re good fun, and there are some linkies that I miss joining.

  6. 20

    This is a great list for new bloggers! I love linkys (that’s why I started one with you obviously!) And I definitely agree you should share a post as well as comment if you have enjoyed it. I also link up as early as I can and then come back and comment later on. I never thought to wait to add my second link so there’s someone before me, thanks for that one!xx #BlogCrush

  7. 22
    Angela Watling (Life, Motherhood and Everything)

    Some great tips. I always make sure someone else links up between my posts. I also second the trying to join early. You’re so right about putting your blog name in the ‘name’ box. I don’t do that but it’s so sensible. Thanks for teaching me a new tip!

    Also people who link and run drive me MAD! I forgive an accident but you see the same people on some linkys so you start to spot repeat offenders. If someone routinely never reads when they should do, I avoid linking after them and never read their posts. I would rather give my time to others. #BlogCrush

    • 23
      Lucy At Home

      Yes it’s so annoying when people don’t hold up their end of the bargain. I avoid them too. Plus, I really enjoy reading and commenting on people’s blogs – you find all kinds of interesting things and learn more about people from different walks of life, AND it’s made me a better writer too as I’ve picked up bits and bobs from how other people write. Thanks for commenting, Angela.

  8. 27
    Paula from Her Life Is Love

    Hi Lucy, I’m excited to have joined in your Blog Crush linky this week. I enjoyed these tips, especially number 3. I’m still trying to get the hang of using Twitter…but once I do, I’ll probably figure out how to tweet the hosts well…right? #blogcrush

  9. 31
    Rhyming with Wine

    Joining linkies made such an incredible difference to my blogging routine and it literally opened up the gates to Blogland for me! I’ve met so many brilliant bloggers this way (your lovely self included) and these tips are brilliant. It took me forever to work out that I ought to wait a bit between linking two of my own posts up haha. Thanks for hosting #blogcrush xx

  10. 35

    Thank you for this post. I’m new to blogging and one of my goals for this month is to really work on my networking with bloggers and getting more involved in the blogging world in general. Do you have any tips on how to stay organised with linkys and joining them etc?

    • 36
      Lucy At Home

      Ah sorry – I’ve only just seen this. I think everyone organises themselves differently but personally, I only join a linky if I know I will have the time to do the commenting that day. So I join a Tuesday one because I know that my tuesday nights are pretty quiet. I add my link in the morning, and then I go back and do all my commenting on the tuesday evening. That way I’m not trying to remember which ones I’ve joined because I always do the commenting on the day that I join. I hope that makes sense (sorry it was a bit rambly!)

    • 38
      Lucy At Home

      Well I think one of the nice things about blogging is that you can fit it around your life; so do what you can, when you can. As long as you do your commenting before the linky opens again the following week, I don’t think it’s a problem

  11. 39

    This is the best post I’ve read so far on linkys! I’m new to blogging and finding it difficult to get my blog out there! I’ve joined a couple linkys before (the Tuesday and Friday ones on your list) and I did find it helpful to my blog plus I enjoyed it then kids work and life took over again… I’m going to try to do it more regularly. Love the visual of you up at 6am linking up, lol! Thank you for writing this post!

    • 40
      Lucy At Home

      Aaah I’m so glad to hear that this post has been so helpful to you. That’s put a big smile on your face (plus I’m glad that since writing this, you’ve been linking up with #blogcrush! Hurray!) It’s hard when, as mamas, we’re trying to balance blogging and family life. I think it’s important to set your boundaries and stick to them (I am speaking to myself here too – blogging is one of those things that will take over your entire life if you let it! Haha)

  12. 41
    Honest Mum

    Thanks for including Brilliant Blog Posts, I love hosting linkies and reading such diverse and superbly written content as well as watching more video content on there too.

    • 42
      Lucy At Home

      You’re very welcome, m’dear! You know Brilliant Blog Posts is one of my favourite linkies; there’s a much wider range of posts on there compared to the other linkies I join which makes for a nice change. Plus, it has a very lovely host too! 😉

  13. 43
    Rhyming with Wine

    ….. Just popping back to say thank you for including #Dreamteam in your list too lovely! I should have said that earlier and can’t believe I didn’t? How very rude of me!? Big hugs xx

  14. 45
    Squirmy Popple

    Great tips! I find linkys really useful for getting my blog out to new audiences and finding new blogs to read. Another tip I’d suggest is making sure you have a relevant image and a good title for your post to encourage people to click on it when they’re scanning through the list of posts. #DreamTeam

    • 46
      Lucy At Home

      Oh yes this is a really good tip. I think joining linkies has definitely forced me to up my game in the photo and title department – you need something that is going to grab attention and make you stand out from the other posts that are in the line up. Thanks for adding this!

  15. 47
    Aleena Brown - MummyMamaMum

    This is a great post; I could have done with read in something like this about 3 months ago haha!! His’ll be great for anyone new to blogging #DreamTeam

  16. 48
    Aleena Brown - MummyMamaMum

    Oh dear, excuse my poor typos – I’ve been relegated to my phone this morning while Mr C works from home *sigh*

  17. 56
    Annette, Four Acorns

    Brilliant tips Lucy! I am still relatively new to the so-called blogosphere, and although I’ve joined many linkies, I never clicked that having my post at the top of the list could help. That said, I’m not going to get up at dawn to link up, mornings are busy enough as it is. I will definitely try out some of the linkies you mentioned though. 😉

  18. 58
    Rhyming with Wine

    SO good I’ve visited 3 times now! 😉 Thanks so much again for the mention and for linking with us at #DreamTeam xx

  19. 60
    #BlogCrush Week 8: 7th April 2017 — Lucy At Home

    […] This is a linky with a difference so please check out the rules below. Somehow we’ve had an odd number of link-ups for the last few weeks, which shouldn’t really happen if everyone is following the rules. Feel free to tweet me if you have any questions You can also check out this post for general info about linky parties. […]

  20. 61
    Tracey Bowden

    Great tips. I really struggled when I started to find linkies where I would actually get comments back and sometimes I still do. I stick to a few now and make sure to comment on as many as I can. I totally agree you need to be in there quick to get the comments back though (ps apologies on my late comment this week) #blogcrush

    • 62
      Lucy At Home

      Yeah I definitely found that different linkies gave me different amounts of comments, even if I was in a similar position on the list. I guess a lot depends on the genre of the posts that are linked because if they’re similar to the stuff that you write, chances are those people will be interested in your content too and click through to you. I think a lot of it is trial and error to find a linky that works for you. I think it also helps to link up to the same ones regularly because you get to know the other linkers and, if they like your stuff, they’ll click on you again.

  21. 63

    To paraphrase Kingsman, Manners Maketh the Blogger. Find some linkys that work for you, play by the rules and share the love! In any community you get back what you put in and if you put nothing in, you won’t get anything back. Great post 🙂

  22. 69
    Emma Reed

    These are all fab tips and I hope those who don’t follow the rules read this too! We are all in this together and helping each other will stand out and will help you in the end too. #ablogginggoodtime

  23. 71
    Mrs Mummy Harris

    These are really good tips, since i’ve hosted a linky I now have a whole new sense of respect for those bloggers who actually follow the rules as there is so much hard work to host one and to police anyone who choose to ignore the blogging etiquette is just making it harder and less enjoyable for the participants! #ablogginggoodtime

    • 72
      Lucy At Home

      Oh yes I’m totally with you on this. I hate having to police our linky but it’s just not fair on the other linkers if some people aren’t playing by the rules. But it just feels so horrible to have to start calling people out on it. If you aren’t prepared to take part properly, then don’t join in – simple! Thankfully it does seem to only be a tiny minority, though – I think most bloggers are really great and sharing and promoting each other

    • 76
      Lucy At Home

      I think that’s the best way. I don’t want to leave rushed comments so that I can be out the house on time in the morning. I like to set aside some proper time where I can properly enjoy the posts and give some real thought into the comments I leave

  24. 77
    #BlogCrush Week 9: 14th April 2017 — Lucy At Home

    […] IMPORANT NOTICE: There have been a few people only adding posts from their own site. This isn’t really in the spirit of the #blogcrush linky. Please, please, PLEASE make sure you’re following the linky rules or it spoils it for everyone. Wendy and I don’t want to be the blog police – it makes us sad! If you’re unsure, please tweet me  You can also check out this post for general info about linky parties. […]

  25. 79
    #BlogCrush Week 10: 21st April 2017 — Lucy At Home

    […] IMPORANT NOTICE: There have been a few people only adding posts from their own site. This isn’t really in the spirit of the #blogcrush linky. Please, please, PLEASE make sure you’re following the linky rules or it spoils it for everyone. Wendy and I don’t want to be the blog police – it makes us sad! If you’re unsure, please tweet me  You can also check out this post for general info about linky parties. […]

  26. 81
    Jo - Cup of Toast

    This is really helpful, thank you! I’m pretty new to blogging but do enjoy the linky parties 🙂 I notice on some that I don’t really get many comments though, so I’ll try to alter the time that I add my link.

  27. 82
    No Follow Links: 3 Things Brands Know That You Don't — Lucy At Home

    […] So bloggers, the next time you’re offered money (or a product / service) for a follow link, please think carefully. You’re giving someone a leg up who hasn’t earned it. They are using your hard work and effort to artificially boost their own presence. They are taking advantage of your organic rise to the top, that you’ve earned through publishing great posts and joining in with the blogger community. […]

  28. 83
    Liberty Henwick

    Such a great list of tips! I have to admit when I first did a linky I didn’t get it and all the commenting on other blogs felt like too much work but now I have come to realise all the value of them and you’ve given me even more helpful tips, so thanks ! I need to get that comment luv plugin I think, love your linky btw.

  29. 84
    Berni Benton

    Really useful. Although I dont know how I’ll ever get myself organised to be near the top of a link list. I do love reading and commenting on other blogs so I tend to scan through all of them. Sometimes I start from the bottom and work up in case I run out of time!

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