#BlogCrush Week 7: 31st March 2017

It’s #blogcrush  time again and we’re ready to share some bloggy love! If you’re not sure what a linky is or how it works, have a quick read through my beginner’s linky guide.

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If you’re here to link up or to check out the stunning blog posts that our linkers have sourced, then keep reading…

This Week – Mother’s Day

This week was Mother’s Day and below is a photo of the surprisingly complex 3D Mother’s Day card that my 2 year old managed to make at Toddler Group. Hubby says he suspects that there were a lot of adults enlisted to “assist” in the craft session this week, but I’m choosing to believe that I’m raising a child genius! ;-p

07 BlogCrush mother's day

All joking aside, it’s such a precious feeling to get a homemade card, crafted with love, pressed into your hand. This year was always going to be a difficult Mother’s Day as it’s the first one since my Grandma passed away, but I feel so blessed to be a mummy and to have this little family around me through thick and thin.


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Featured Posts

Wendy from Naptime Natter and I choose one of your posts each week as our #blogcrush . Here are our choices from last week:

Wendy’s #BlogCrush is The Verbal Bags of Bulls*** That We Carry by Four Princesses and the Cheese

My #BlogCrush is Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity by Mission: Mindfulness

Hayley explains the idea of neuroplasticity so well in this post. Science is proving more and more that the way we think impacts our lives. Understanding the theory behind neuroplasticity is a great way to start making valuable changes.

Please collect your “I’ve been featured” badges 🙂

I’m linking up  “Five Incredibly Useful Linky Tips“. I love joining (and now hosting) linkies – they can be a great way to meet other bloggers and to increase traffic to your blog. But very few bloggers utilise linkies to their full potential. This post will tell you everything you need to know!

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