Unique Blogger Award: We’re Nominated!

Eeek! Lucy At Home has been nominated for the Unique Blogger Award. It’s an informal award created by bloggers, for bloggers, and the aim is to celebrate individuality and, well, uniqueness!

I love these sorts of awards because who could possibly be a better judge of what makes a good blog than bloggers themselves! I also think it’s also lovely to be able to pass on the award to other brilliant bloggers (which I will be doing at the end of this post, so stay tuned!).

3 Little Buttons

I was nominated for the Unique Blogger Award by Annette from 3 Little Buttons.

Annette is one of the co-hosts over at the #DreamTeam linky and is just such a lovely, bubbly character. Every time I visit her blog, I am envious of her beautiful watercolour sharing icons (one day I will work out how to customise my own…) and cheered up by the positive spin that she puts on life.

I am totally thrilled that she thought of me for this award. Thank you so much, Annette!

Unique Blogger Award

As part of the Unique Blogger Award, the nominator gets to ask their nominees 3 questions. These ones from Annette are quite tricky, but I’ll do my best…

What do you think is the most unique thing about your blog?

I think the most unique thing about my blog is the linky that I co-host with Wendy from Naptime Natter. It’s called #blogcrush and, unlike other linkys, we ask bloggers to add one of their own posts and a post that someone else has written.

I love hosting the linky because we get so much happy feedback from bloggers who have been chosen as someone’s blogcrush.

I also get to read some of the best posts from across the blogisphere as each post has been chosen because it is brilliant in some way. You never know what will be linked up and we have new bloggers represented each week.

(All bloggers are welcome so feel free to pop over: Friday 6 a.m. – Sunday 9 p.m. BST)

blogcrush linky concept unique blogger award

Name a blog post that is uniquely ‘you’?

My aim for Lucy At Home is to help parents reframe the difficulties of parenthood in a positive light. I don’t want to pretend that parenting is easy (it’s not!), but I think that approaching it with an optimistic mindset can really make a difference.

So, with that in mind, I guess I would choose this post as one that is uniquely ‘me’:

We’re Not Just Holding Hands Here

This post started life as the description in an Instagram post, but the thought really stuck with me – holding hands with my girls is such a privilege. I wanted to savour the moment and really enjoy being “mummy”.

stay at home mum family holding hands unique blogger award

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Hmmm… it would have to be super speed. As a busy work-at-home mummy, I’m always dashing from one place to another, trying to get my chores done as quickly as possible so that I can spend more time with my girls.

Imagine being able to hang the washing out in 30 seconds flat, and bash out a top-quality blog post in under 5 minutes! That would be fab. Then I could tick off everything on my to-do list and spend some quality time with the family. Perfect!

My nominees

Hurray – now it’s my turn to bestow this lovely award on some bloggers that I admire. So, without further ado, the bloggers I nominate for the Unique Blogger Award are…[drum roll]…

Unique Blogger Award Lucy At Home

  1. Daydreams of a mum
  2. It’s a drama
  3. Just saying mum
  4. Naptime Natter
  5. Popcorn for lunch
  6. Reflections from me
  7. Rhyming with wine
  8. Talking mums
  9. Beauty baby and me
  10. Diary of an imperfect mum

My questions for you are:

  • What are you most proud of when it comes to your blog?
  • If you could work with any brand in the world, what would it be?
  • What is your favourite way to travel and why?

The Rules

– Share the link of the blogger who has nominated you
– Answer the questions they set
– Nominate 8-13 people for the Unique Blogger Award
– Ask them 3 questions

Thanks again, Annette and congratulations to all of my nominees – you are all truly brilliant bloggers!



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  1. 2
    Imperfect Mum

    Oh I love blogger tags. Thank you so so
    Much for nominating me lovely: your blog is unique because it is uniquely you and I do love the positive slant you always put on your posts. Thank you

  2. 8
    The Mum Project

    Congrats and we’ll deserved, your blog is definitely unique! : ) I love that post reframing the way you think to be more positive is something I am trying very hard to do recently! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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