How To Host The Ultimate Girls Superhero Party

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My daughter, Jenny, demanded a “girls superhero party” for her 6th birthday.

She doesn’t really know any of the classic superheroes (Spiderman, Superman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman), but she likes the idea of flying to the rescue and saving the day! An admirable goal, I say! So I set about planning her a superhero party…

Colour Scheme

The first step was to choose the colour scheme, as this affects a lot of the other decisions. We went for pink, purple and yellow. We also used black-on-white polka dots as a nod to the classic comic-strip cartoon superheroes.

Invite Your Guests

Party invites are a great way to set the tone for your party and give an indication as to what it’s all about. We chose these lovely pink and white polka dot invitations from Party Pieces. They’re bright and eye-catching, and at just £1.49 for 8, you can’t go wrong!

We also put a little note inside saying “superhero costumes optional”. Of course some little ones hate dressing up, but if you can persuade some of them to don an outfit, it really helps to lift the party.

superhero party pink invitation guests invite

Superhero Party Outfits

That leads me nicely onto the birthday girl’s party outfit. Jenny nearly exploded when she unwrapped the Super Power Princess Costume (£19.99)

superhero party girl costume outfit dress up

As well as the fabulous pink tutu-style dress, it includes leggings, a shiny cape, cuffs and a mask. It was a real hit and perfect for what we wanted.


Okay, here comes the important bit… the cake! You can’t have a party without cake. And you can’t have a superhero party without a superhero cake! Last year, we had a cake professionally made for Jenny’s birthday. It was fabulous!… But it was also very expensive (around £70 I think).

So I was delighted when I came across the fabulous Fondazzle and was able to decorate the cake myself this year! Fondazzle create silicon moulds which you simply press your fondant icing into, and then pop it out! It’s like a grown up version of the playdough table!

superhero party cupcakes comic pow

Their Comic Book Captions mould (£7.50) was perfect for us! I was a little skeptical as to how easy it would be, but we had no trouble at all. You have to keep the fondant quite cool so that it doesn’t get sticky, but other than that, it was fine.

You can either add them to a cheap, pre-iced cake (roughly £5.50 from the supermarket) or use them as bun toppers.

superhero party cake fondazzle

Party Bags

I used to love getting a party bag as a kid. To fit with our colour scheme, we opted for some purple paper party bags (£1.99 for 10). Paper party bags are generally larger and sturdier than plastic ones, and yet they’re not much more expensive.

Finding things to fill them was not so easy as the Marvel superhero products tended to be aimed more at the boys’ market. However, I was pleased to discover that my favourite craft store, Baker Ross, has it’s own range of superhero goodies called ‘Star Hero‘. The characters are friendly and brightly coloured, and (for once) there were 2 boy superheroes AND 2 girl superheroes!

We liked so many of the bits and pieces, but in the end we chose:

superhero party bag toys

The Baker Ross Star Hero collection


We also included a few sweets and a piece of the birthday cake, wrapped up in a napkin (you have to – it’s tradition!)

Venue Decorations

Decorating the venue is the fun bit – you can really let your creativity run wild. We made our own bunting (check out my simple guide for making easy no-sew bunting) and hung it up all around the room.

superhero party bunting emblems star

I just designed the emblems on the computer and then cut them out and glued them on. We also printed out some bigger versions to stick around the room.

Then we bought some yellow swirly star decorations. These cost £2.98 for 6 and looked great. And of course we had to buy some balloons so we went for pink balloons that said ‘pop’ on them (£3.79 for 10).

superhero party pink balloons pop

superhero party venue decorate wall


Right, now let’s get on and decorate the table. You will need:

We also displayed the party bags on the table. I have to admit, I was really pleased with the overall effect.

superhero party food cups decorate table

superhero party food tablewear

superhero party food table decorations

The Present

Finally, I want to draw your attention to this wonderful superhero doll that we found through the Petalina website. She is called Lottie and she’s a 9 year old girl who dreams of saving the day and making the world a better place. For more details, please have a read of my full Lottie Doll Review.

superhero party lottie doll

And the exciting news is…

**You can win a FREE LOTTIE DOLL with Lucy At Home**

Just click the link above and enter the Rafflecopter competition at the bottom of the page. The competition closes on 6th March 2017.


So anyway, I hope you found this helpful and have been inspired to maybe throw your own superhero party. Let’s teach girls that they can be superheroes too! If you’re thinking of throwing your own party, I recommend reading through this post on including themed party games. I’ve also written a handy post on money-saving tricks for parties.

Are your children into superheroes? Do they like dressing up? Do you throw your own parties or get someone else to do it?


Please note: This post contains some affiliate links and we were gifted some of the items for the purpose of this post. For more info, check out my disclosure policy. All prices correct on original publishing date.

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    Oh wow, it looks like an awesome party!! She looked totally adorable in her outfit, and the attention to detail you gave to the whole party is amazing. The cakes were fab, and I loved the bunting-in fact, I’m sure your daughter was smitten with all of it! I hope she had the best time!

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