Bonjour! Do you speak ‘baby’ language ?

Can you speak more than one language? I have to confess I only speak English (with a beautiful Yorkshire twang I must add!), and I only just scraped a B at GCSE French!

But over the last few months I have been learning a new language which I have discovered I am surprisingly good at – baby talk!

language baby watchingLanguage Helps Us Bond

I love this stage – my daughter’s thoughts and desires, which have been solely hers to know for the last year and a half, are finally being aired. We’re learning more and more about her wants and interests because she’s able to communicate them to us. It’s fascinating!

Our Little Secret

I am an expert translator now! It feels like such a special position to hold – I understand her when other people don’t! It’s like our own secret language. And her little face lights up when I repeat the word that she is trying to say. She knows that I understand her.

Mummy = Translator

But it is also so exciting to be able to encourage others to communicate with her too.

  • ‘Nooo’ with a shake of the head means ‘no’
  • A quick ‘Na’ with a nod of the head means ‘yes’
  • ‘Ga’ means her food is ‘all gone’
  • ‘Ya’ means she wants her story read again
  • ‘Doo doo’ is the twit twoo of an owl (her favourite animal thus far).

It evolves almost weekly as my little one gains increasing mastery over her tongue and is able to get closer and closer to the English equivalent.Baby language whisper

It is a language I am thoroughly enjoying learning. It is a time of bonding for my daughter and I. We can communicate! Our family feels like an even closer unit than before; we are learning more and more about our final member, just as she is learning more and more about us and this world we inhabit. Happy days!



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  1. 3

    I think being able to speak baby is crucial to survival as a parent…and just wait til you get to learn Toddler-ese which is a real thing! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

  2. 5
    My Petit Canard

    Oh I loved the baby language stage too. Its so lovely how for a while, its just you as parents that can understand and translate what they are trying to say. Its really sweet to watch them learn to speak and communicate 🙂 Emily #coolmumclub

  3. 7
    Soppymum (Sara)

    Ahhh love this. My one year old is making noises and trying so I can’t wait to be able to decipher him a bit more! #twinklytuesday xx

    • 8
      Lucy At Home

      Aaaw it won’t be long until you’re having little conversations with him! I do love this stage so much! It’s so cute!

      Although sometimes I feel so guilty when she’s looking at me and repeating the same set of noises and I have absolutely no idea what she’s saying! Poor thing! haha. Thank you for commenting. L

  4. 11
    Lady Nym

    My favourite thing about babies/toddlers is all the new words they come up with for things. I was a little sad when my oldest stopped called hoovers ‘voogerts’ and I think I’ll be equally upset when my youngest is actually able to say the name of his brother instead of calling him ‘Bubba’.


    • 12
      Lucy At Home

      Oh yes I’m with you on this one! My eldest used to call a banana a “marf”. I have no idea why but it stuck and now we all call them marfs even though she’s quite capable saying banana now!

      I love bubba – that is so cute!

  5. 13

    I love the precious gift of witnessing their language development! My son is 9 months old, and he points at the dog and says, “Da!” He’s also working on “Dada” for dad. It’s so fun to be the translator! I still get to translate for my three year old sometimes. I feel like I’m in an elite club 🙂

  6. 15

    This is so special Lucy, can’t wait for all this with my baby (he’s only 5 months so he’ll be keeping his thoughts to himself for a good while yet!). Cherish every moment x PS a B in GCSE French is not too bad at all!!! #TwinklyTuesday

    • 16
      Lucy At Home

      Haha well the marking criteria must’ve been highly suspect to think I qualified for a B! I’m fairly certain the only phrase I learnt was “I have a headache” as a way of getting out of participating French lessons!!

  7. 23

    I really love that i understand my Daughter better than anyone, and am here to serve as her translator to the World whilst she’s still just learning to talk.

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