Bloggers Bluff 24 – Mrs Mummy Harris

Bloggers Bluff is a guest post game for bloggers and this week we’re featuring Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.

The Rules: Our blogger of the week will tell us three unusual stories about themselves. Two will be true. One will be completely made up! 

Did you guess right?

Okay but first let’s do the reveal from week 23 of Bloggers Bluff, which featured Adrift Daisy….

Bloggers Bluff C: Paying her sister to do her chores for her

As an older sister myself, I totally thought this one was true! Haha.

This Week

Okay, this week I am joined by Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris. Lianne runs one of the linkys that I join regularly – #triumphanttales (Tuesdays) – and I was so pleased when she offered to take part in this little series.

Mrs Mummy Harris on Lucy At Home Bloggers Bluff

Mrs Mummy Harris

I have been blogging for just over ten months now (which in blogging years is quite a lot apparently!) It is amazing how much I have learnt in so little time!

I’d say the best bit about it is the community spirit. I’m not sure if it’s unique to parenting blogger circles, but there is a real sense of camaraderie amongst us. Plus, there is lots of emotional support, and advice on opportunities too!

Mrs Mummy Harris is an honest account of my life being a wife, career woman and mother. I try to be open about everyday struggles with mental health issues and my adjustment to parenthood, and there is a sprinkle of dry humour to top it all off!

If I could give one piece of blogging advice, I’d say, “Forget stats!” If you care too much for that then your focus is not on your content and it will suffer.

Bloggy / Social Stuff

If you’d like to know more, here are the details for Mrs Mummy Harris – 


Twitter: @mummyharris86

Facebook: @mrsmummyharris86

Instagram: @mrsmummyharris86

Pinterest: @mrsmummyharris

Bloggers Bluff

I’d love to have more bloggers take part so if you fancy being featured on Bloggers Bluff, just drop me an email. It’s open to all genres and experience levels 🙂

Now let’s get down to business! Here are Lianne’s three Bloggers Bluff submissions…

Bloggers Bluff ABloggers Bluff Guest Blogger Game on Lucy At Home Mrs Mummy Harris

As a child I was lucky enough to be on TV.

I was in several adverts. I was an extra on a few programmes. And I was even in a kids show about a choir that couldn’t sing. In my 6/7 years I got to meet the likes of Mr Motivator, Bianca Jackson from Eastenders, Madge from Neighbours and Keith Chegwin!

Bloggers Bluff B

Growing up I wanted to be a pole dancer. I was adamant that I would do this throughout uni but when it came to the crunch, I chickened out!

Bloggers Bluff C

I am a First Dan Black Belt in Goju-ryu Karate and often competed in (and won!) national competitions up until I was sixteen.

So there you have it. Which is the lie and why??

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