Bloggers Bluff 21: Life At Floor Level

Bloggers Bluff is a guest post game for bloggers and this week we’re featuring Gemma from Life At Floor Level.

The Rules: Our blogger of the week will tell us three unusual stories about themselves. Two will be true. One will be completely made up! 

Did you guess right?

Okay but first let’s do the reveal from week 20 of Bloggers Bluff, which featured Daddyness Blog….

Bloggers Bluff B: Getting bitten by a poisonous spider

Phew! I am soooo glad that this one was the fake because I am TOTES TERRIFIED of spiders! I realise that there are no poisonous spiders in the UK, but I just can’t cope with their hairy, wriggliness. Even writing that is making me nervous! Haha.

This Week

Okay, so let’s just move on from the spider discussion (bleugh!) and meet our new challenger, Gemma!

Life At Floor Level featured on Bloggers Bluff with Lucy At Home


Life At Floor Level

I’ve actually not been blogging very long at all, I think my first ever post was at the beginning of January this year so I am definitely still a newbie to all this!

I think, for me, the best thing about blogging is all the different people it has connected me with, both readers and fellow bloggers. The blogging community is a really supportive and friendly one and because of some of the content I have written about, it has been reassuring to know I am not alone. I also love the fact that it allows me to get down in words what’s going on for me – the dramas, fun, mischief and nonsense that goes on in my day to day life – as well as being able to talk about more serious things like PND which has really helped with my recovery.

Life at Floor Level is all about my journey into motherhood. It is extremely honest, written with cheek and humour, but also tackles mental health problems and charts my recovery from some of these issues.

My best piece of blogging advice? Just write it! Write it for you. If you do that, then every reader or follower is a bonus. Get involved with other bloggers as they are a helpful and friendly bunch who can teach you tons. Most of all, enjoy it – if you feel pressured to post or like it is a lot of hard work then your readers will be able to tell, so just be yourself and do what comes naturally.

Bloggy / Social Stuff

If you’d like to know more, here are the details for Life At Floor Level – 


Twitter: @LAFLevel

Facebook: @lifeatfloorlevel

Instagram: @lifeatfloorlevel

Bloggers Bluff

I’d love to have more bloggers take part so if you fancy being featured on Bloggers Bluff, just drop me an email. It’s open to all genres and experience levels 🙂

Now let’s get down to business! Here are Gemma’s three Bloggers Bluff submissions…

Bloggers Bluff ABloggers Bluff Guest Blogger Game on Lucy At Home Life At Floor Level

I met my husband while travelling in Vietnam, 6 years ago. We were in a bar – he was with some friends and I was alone so joined them for a drink. Everyone seemed to get ridiculously drunk apart from me and my future hubby to be so we got chatting due to being the only one the other could still understand…and the rest is history!

Bloggers Bluff B

On holiday in Thailand a few years ago, I was in the sea when a huge jelly fish wrapped itself around my leg and stung me. I came running, screaming out the sea in a right state! Confused by the hysterical English girl making a scene, the staff from a local restaurant came to my rescue by rubbing limes all over my leg while I dramatically fanned myself with a menu.

Bloggers Bluff C

I once went camping for 6 weeks alone in Uganda. Other than my tent, all I had was a pink lilo and an airline blanket and pillow I ‘borrowed’ from British Airways (I did actually only borrow them as I left them on the plane again on my journey home). I’m a pretty hardened camper so I couldn’t understand why my tent was always falling down until I finally caught the culprit…monkeys kept undoing my guy ropes!

So there you have it. Which is the lie and why??

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    #BloggersBluff No. 20 ft Daddyness Blog — Lucy At Home

    […] out the answer in the next edition of Bloggers Bluff! Why not subscribe (bottom of the page) to my blog so you don’t miss […]

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    Mrs Mummy Harris

    Hi Gemma!!! *waves* I’d go with A, although not overtly far fetched, I have a feeling you’re well travelled and met Hubby elsewhere abroad, just not in Vietnam!
    Lucy, thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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