Bloggers Bluff 26 ft. Daydreams of a Mum

Bloggers Bluff is a guest post game for bloggers and this week we’re featuring Kelly from Daydreams of a Mum.

The Rules: Our blogger of the week will tell us three unusual stories about themselves. Two will be true. One will be completely made up! 

Did you guess right?

Okay but first let’s do the reveal from week 25 of Bloggers Bluff, which featured E L Feelgood’s Vintage….

Bloggers Bluff C: Damaging the coccyx whilst playing with a skipping rope

I used to love playing skipping. My girls are still a bit small to be playing with one, but I’m looking forward to passing on this skill when they get a bit bigger. So I’m glad that this story isn’t true as it sounds very painful!

This Week

Okay, this week I am joined by my lovely blogging friend, Kelly from Daydreams of a Mum. Kelly has that amazing ability to write both funny and heartfelt posts. She has been a guest co-host for my linky, #blogcrush, and is a mama to 4 kids. I am so excited to have her join me for Bloggers Bluff.

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Daydreams of a Mum

I’ve been pondering what stories I even have to tell do this as I really am quite dull. However I spoke to my sister who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything stupid I’ve ever done and anything embarrassing that has ever happened to me. Many of them seem to feature men so we’ve gone with the dating theme!!!

Bloggy / Social Stuff

If you’d like to know more, here are the details for Daydreams of a Mum – 


Twitter: @daydreamer_mum

Facebook: @kellyandthekidsblog

Bloggers Bluff

I’d love to have more bloggers take part so if you fancy being featured on Bloggers Bluff, just drop me an email. It’s open to all genres and experience levels 🙂

Now let’s get down to business! Here are Kelly’s three Bloggers Bluff submissions…

Bloggers Bluff Guest Blogger Game on Lucy At Home

Bloggers Bluff A

A man once did a runner on a date with me

Out to dinner, I thought the evening was going quite well – I was all sparkling wit and enthralling conversation (or something along those lines). Chat and wine were flowing and I was having quite a nice time. Said date went to the loo…..never to return AND left the bill for his Chinese banquet to me!

Bloggers Bluff B

Clumsy Kelly showed up on a date!

On a date with a guy I really liked, I so wanted him to fancy me and find me all alluring and interesting. Unfortunately I was doing my whole Little Miss Chatterbox routine and not concentrating on where I was going and fell into a puddle…a deep one. My dress was soaked! How hot am I???

Bloggers Bluff C

I was once dumped via post it note

I had been in a relationship with a guy for 18 months. He’d gone away to uni and I stayed at home. We’d write often (mobiles weren’t a thing – I am that old). One day, out of the blue, I open an envelope to find a post it note with just the words “It’s over” written on. Harsh or what!

So there you have it. Which is the lie and why??

Find out the answer in the next edition of Bloggers Bluff! Why not subscribe (bottom of the page) to my blog so you don’t miss out?


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  1. 2

    OOh I’m going to go with B-the puddle one -is the lie just because the post it one is so awful it could possibly be true! Weird logic but heh! A I think is true as it has happened to me once….went out with a load of friends (mostly the rugby club boys at uni) and they all ran away and I just couldnt as I was so honest! I was left with the entire bill and was not best pleased!! #Dreamteam

  2. 10
    Tracey Abrahams

    Oh this is a difficult one this week. I am hoping that number 3 is the lie just because it is such a mean thing to do. #MG

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