Bloggers Bluff #05: SuzieW Author

Bloggers Bluff is my guest blogger game!

The idea is simple: our blogger of the week will come up with 3 outrageous, little-known stories / facts about him- or herself. Two of these stories will be true one will be completely made up! Then we’ll open up the comments section and you can get guessing which one is the Bloggers Bluff.

Are YOU game?!

Last Week’s Reveal

Last week, TJ from The Dad Gum Blog took part. I can now reveal that his Bloggers Bluff was:

I have had the incredibly great fortune of having seen Garth Brooks in concert twenty-four times in eleven different cities. After my parents divorced in the mid-nineties, my mom would take my brother and me to five or six concerts every summer. I first saw Garth in St. Louis in 1995, which started me on a bit of a quest, I guess you could say. I’ve since traveled to Kansas City, Tulsa, Cleveland, Chicago, Nashvile, Pittsburgh, Denver, Little Rock, Santa Fe, and Atlanta. You can be sure that the next time he goes on tour, I’ll be there!

Did you get it right?

This Week

This week, I am joined by Suzie from SuzieW.

Bloggers Bluff SuzieW


Before we start the bluff, let’s find out a little more about her.

How long have you been blogging?

Since February

What’s the best thing about blogging?


The awesome people I’ve met. Bloggers are such a friendly bunch.

Describe your blog in 3 sentences or less.


On my mission to inspire future readers, I share reviews of books I love, advice of literacy for parents and blog about my writer’s journey.

What’s your best piece of blogging advice?

Check out linkies. They are a great way of discovering other blogs.

You write children’s books. Could you tell us a little but about them?

I have two picture books out. Things Evie Eats is the story of a little girl with very definite ideas on what she’d like to eat, as told by her big(ish) brother. And Better Buckle Up tackles the issue of persuading your toddler to wear his seat-belt.


And if all that’s whet your appetite, here are SuzieW’s accounts:


Bloggers Bluff

I’ve got some Bloggers Bluff slots available so please message me if you’d like to take part!

Now let’s get down to business! Here are Suzie’s three Bloggers Bluff submissions:

Bloggers Bluff A

My dad taught me to drive. I took my driving test in his 1967 Ford Anglia. Seat belts weren’t compulsory at the time but they were a requirement in a car used for a test so we had to fit some. My dad also had to fix the handbrake the day before my test and I spent the morning practising using it for hill starts rather than catching it on the clutch as I’d been doing. (I have great clutch control). I passed first time and my neighbour, who was on her fifth test with an instructor, didn’t speak to me for months.Bloggers Bluff SuzieW

Bloggers Bluff B

My first novel was written almost entirely in the middle of the night. I have terrible insomnia and, although I go to sleep easily enough, I wake after two or three hours. For years I’ve tossed and turned but now I get up, settle in my writing chair with a cup of cocoa and work on my latest story until I start to feel sleepy again. I get my best inspiration at night and sometimes wake up with an idea that I just have to write down.

Bloggers Bluff C

In 1978 I played cornet in a brass band that performed a concert in the carriage of the HST125, the latest High Speed Train. Our Musical Conductor had the idea we could get into the Guinness Book of Records for the ‘band performing whilst travelling at the fastest speed’. We travelled from York to Darlington and the train reached 125 miles per hour but we never got into the Record Books.

So guys, which is the bluff??

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  1. 5

    Oh this is a cool game!! I think the bluff is A. Although my experience in learning to drive wasn’t to dissimilar (!) so it could be true, but I do think its the bluff 🙂

  2. 24
    Fiona Cambouropoulos

    What a great series, I go with A as the bluff as I don’t think she is old enough to take her driving test in the year I was born. I admire anyone who can write and i totally get writing in the middle of the night. I write most of my blog posts then. #MarvMondays

    • 25
      Lucy At Home

      I have a notepad by the side of my bed so that I can jot stuff down in the middle of the night, otherwise I just stay awake thinking about it. I can’t imagine actually doing proper writing in the night, though – I need my beauty sleep! Haha. Thanks for commenting, Fiona. L

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