Bloggers Bluff #03: The Less-Refined Mind

Bloggers Bluff is the new game on the block for bloggers!

The idea is simple: our blogger of the week will come up with 3 outrageous, little-known stories / facts about him- or herself. Two of these stories will be true one will be completely made up! Then we’ll open up the comments section and you can get guessing which one is the Bloggers Bluff.

Are YOU game?!

Last Week’s Reveal

Last week, Claire from Now My Name Is Mummy took part. I can now reveal that her Bloggers Bluff was:

My hair is naturally red. I’ve been dying it since I was 16 because I’m convinced I look like I should be a brunette.

This Week

This week, I am joined by Kate from The Less-Refined Mind.

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Before we start the bluff, let’s find out a little more about her.

How long have you been blogging?

 I’ve been blogging for about 20 months, but got more serious 10 months ago.

What’s the best thing about blogging?

A sense of purpose and a sense of belonging.

Describe your blog in 3 sentences or less.

The Less-Refined Mind is a cynical look at society – but hopefully that’s tempered with humour / inspiration depending on the subject matter. Much of what I write is tongue in cheek and shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

What’s your best piece of blogging advice?

Read my blogging tips 😉

The Less-Refined Mind

And if all that’s whet your appetite, here are The Less-Refined Mind’s accounts:


Bloggers Bluff

If you’d like to take part in Bloggers Bluff then give me a shout.

Now let’s get down to business! Here are Kate’s three Bloggers Bluff submissions:

Bloggers Bluff A

I once cooked dinner for Jamie Oliver. I was terrified but thankfully it seemed to go down okay – so long as he wasn’t bluffing to save my feelings! I played it safe and made my signature dish of moussaka for main and a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake for dessert: decadent but diviiiiiine, if I do say so myself.Bloggers Bluff The Less-Refined Mind

Bloggers Bluff B

About ten years ago when I worked in the city, I snuck into a manager’s meeting (I was a lowly input clerk at the time) to take advantage of the free alcohol. It was Christmas time and I was good friends with one of the guys from the floor above who was supposed to be there – so he bundled me in to sit quietly in the corner before we went out for Christmas drinks. To be fair, several of the managers in there were playing with the rolled up blueprints of the building, lightsaber-style, so I wasn’t exactly bringing the tone of the meeting down. The office manager on my floor only clocked me halfway through…

Bloggers Bluff C

As a young child, I once tried to open our lounge door with my mouth because I had my arms full. The door hand was one of those long ~ shaped ones. As I put my mouth on it, my mum opened it from the other side. I ended up with it wedged in my mouth. Worst of all, as I (tried to) scream, my mum naturally tried to push the door open to get to me. It was quite painful.

So guys, which is the bluff??

Find out in next week’s Bloggers Bluff! Why not subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out?


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  1. 4

    Hahaha I love all of these and kind of hope they’re all true. Although I think cooking for Jamie Oliver would be pretty awesome if it were true so in hoping its that! Thanks for sharing it with us at #familyfun. Look forward to find out the real answer! Xx

  2. 6

    He he, I love the Bloggers Bluff idea. I’m going to say Cooking for Jamie Oliver is the bluff. There’s so much detail in this ‘fact’ which is a sign of lying, isn’t it?

    • 7
      Lucy At Home

      Glad you like the idea 🙂 I think they do say too many details are a sign of a lie… But I do ask the participants to write a few sentences per story so they have to include a few details to pad it out… Who knows?! Hehe

  3. 10

    I love this! I feel like because I’ve been a bluffer that I should know! I’m going with A, purely because I can’t imagine ever cooking for Jamie Oliver! I can’t wait to find out! X

    • 11
      Lucy At Home

      I would die a death if I had to cook for Jamie Oliver! I am a terrible cook. I cook because the family has to eat, but my hubby is the creative one who cooks because he enjoys it. I’d probably end up serving him bangers and mash or something!

  4. 14

    I wanna say A but I’m gonna go for B being the bluff. I think the Jamie Oliver one is a case of truth being stranger than fiction! You’ve just reminded me I need to do mine – will work on that this weekend. #ablogginggoodtime

  5. 16

    LOL I love this! I want to say A …but think I’m going to say C as that just sounds so painful and I now have weird visions of little Kate doing this! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

  6. 22
    I Kat

    I love all of these, C sounds like something kids would do, I even think something I would do now to be honest…I think that it might be A but then…I don’t know. I’m going to go with A. I wouldn’t be able to cope with that pressure. #PoCoLo

  7. 24

    Ahh I love this game! I’m going to say A is the bligh because how could anyone survive the stress of having to cook for Jamie Oliver?! C sounds awful and painful but is definitely something kids would do xx #TheList

  8. 28
    Cal at Family Makes

    Ooh interesting game! I’d find it hard to say which was the bluff, as the Jamie Oliver one is so elaborate that it could almost be true because otherwise it would be too obvious a bluff. I’m not sure which I would choose as the bluff though, not very good at this amI?? #TheList

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