BlogCrush Week 43 – 8th December 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Blogcrush Week 43!

I need to start off with a big apology – it turns out that my linky badge has not been working properly since 1st September! It was only displaying as a picture instead of including the link back to my site. Yes I cried when I found out (!), and yes it’s all sorted now. So please check you have the right badge (it should take you back to Lucy At Home when you click on it).

Now on with the linky. A linky party is a place where bloggers can drop a link to one of their posts. Then we all comment on each others posts and everyone is happy!

BlogCrush is special, though, because we don’t just add a post of our own – we also link up a post by someone else too. So think of a post that has really resonated with you – did it make you laugh? or cry? or was it super informative? – and then add it to the list as your BlogCrush post. Easy 🙂

If you’ve not joined a linky before, check out my beginner’s linky guide which will tell you everything you need to know.

This week’s hosts are:


Join our linky grey BlogCrush Week 43

Below is our “I’ve been featured” blog badge and it is for anyone who has been added to the blogcrush linky by someone else. That means someone has really loved your post, and you defo deserve to shout about that! Just copy the code in the text box and paste it into the HTML / text section of your blog. Go on – you’ve earned it!

Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 43


The Rules

  • Join in with 2 posts:
    • 1 post from your blog (personal) – no linkies please
    • 1 post from someone else’s blog (your #BlogCrush)
  • When you add your BlogCrush (post written by someone else) to the InLinkz form, put “BC” at the beginning of their title
  • Comment using the #BlogCrush hashtag on at least these 4 posts:
    • 1 post from Host 1 (personal or BC)
    • 1 post from Host 2 (personal or BC)
    • 2x personal posts from the rest of the link up

Remember you can always comment on more, though. This is just the minimum. The more effort we put into a linky, the more we all get out of it 🙂

    • Add the #BlogCrush badge to the post that you’re linking up from your own blog. You can do this by copying the gobblydygook code in the box below and pasting it into the HTML view of your post.

Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 43

Blogcrush Week 43

Featured Posts

As co-hosts we get the lovely job of choosing a post each from the previous linky to be our BlogCrushes.

We only choose posts that are added by one of our linkers (not your BC posts) and have the linky badge. These are then added back into the linky the following week as featured posts. Wendy and I were hosting last week so we’ve chosen the featured posts for BlogCrush Week 42:

Wendy’s Blogcrush post is To The Mum Enduring an Abusive Relationship at Christmas Time… by Daydreams of a Mum 

Lucy’s Blogcrush post is Christmas Traditions: Where Do You Sit? by From Tum To Mum

I have to admit that I don’t feel very Christmas-sy at all at the moment. Putting the tree up is the thing that sparks my Christmas spirit but we’ve not had a chance yet! So I was very glad to come across this post all about Rhian’s Christmas traditions as a child and how she celebrates Christmas now – it really got me excited for getting our Christmas groove on!

Congratulations, guys! Please collect your “I’ve been featured” badges from the top of the page 

Host Post

My post for BlogCrush Week 43 is a quick, easy read (we’re all busy on the run-up to Christmas, right?) – Instagram Round-Up 2: Four Months of Snapping

Instagram is my favourite social media platform because it’s so easy to engage and I love capturing our family memories. So I’ve started doing a quarterly round-up on the blog of my most popular pics, as well as my personal favourites too. 8 photos and a little explanation of what they’re about.

02 Instagram Round-Up 2 August to November 2017

I hope you have a lovely time reading through the posts this week. We had a bumper crop of linkers last week which is great! Thank you for joining us at BlogCrush Week 43. It is a pleasure co-hosting such a lovely linky, filled with you lovely bloggers, sharing lots of bloggy love around 🙂

Love, Lucy x

P.S. Please add the linky badge to your posts as it encourages more people to join in 🙂

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  1. 1
    Donna Parker

    So happy to be here, Lucy, Alice and everyone…I always feel bad I don’t get here more often, well, I get here, but I don’t participate.
    1. I find it difficult to choose which blog to Blog Crush on because I love so many and its hard to choose, but mostly it’s #2 I freeze when it’s comes to mandatory comments, I never know what to say and it always sounds stupid and forced; I usually only comment when I feel I have something to actually say (I try to do so on my blog and in real life too)…and I get it, I should comment more, but like I said, it makes me uncomfortable and I struggle to know what to say, I’m so sorry. I would participate every single week (despite the pain in my hands because I love this blog, blog party, and bloggers), if I didn’t have to comment, but I’m going to sweat through it this week, here goes, but forgive me in advance for how dumb I’ll sound.
    My Blog Crush this week is Sally Cronin, she’s not only a published author, but a blogging goddess, she lovingly helps other bloggers and authors connect and be found. She is truly amazing and I’ve had a blogcrush on her for years. Thank you, Sally, for everything you do for all of us. ❤️
    Merry Christmas to all, best wishes for the holiday season and all the years through!!!

    • 2
      Lucy At Home

      Ah thank you so much for joining us, Donna, and saying such lovely things about this little community. We’re so glad that you are able to join us this week. I know what you mean about finding it difficult to comment on posts. We’ve tried to give bloggers as much choice in #blogcrush as we can by always having a choice between 2 posts for each host, and then any 2 personal posts, but I realise that it can still be difficult. But we’re really glad that you were able to make it today, and I’m looking forward to seeing the posts you’ve added. Thanks again 🙂

  2. 3
    Donna Parker

    I think I did everything, I commented about 8 times, but I didn’t note where so I lost track. ❤️❤️
    I shared tons too and found a bunch of new blogging friends, thank you kindly, Lucy and Alice!!! ❤️

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