Blogcrush Week 32 – 22nd September 2017

Oh I don’t know about you guys, but this week seems to have really dragged for me! I’m so glad we’ve made it to Friday and Blogcrush Week 32.

#Blogcrush is a linky party where you get to promote one of your own posts AND a post written by someone else too. It’s great for building relationships with other bloggers, as well as driving traffic to your own site too. If you’ve not joined a linky before, check out my beginner’s linky guide.

Wendy (my co-host) is still on a break so you’re stuck with just me again! Haha.

blogcrush linky concept blogcrush week 32

Below is our “I’ve been featured” blog badge and it is for anyone who has been added to the blogcrush linky by someone else. That means someone has really loved your post, and you defo deserve to shout about that! Just copy the code in the text box and paste it into the HTML / text section of your blog. Go on – you’ve earned it!

Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 32


The Rules

  • Join in with 2 posts:
    • 1 post from your blog (personal) – no linkies please
    • 1 post from someone else’s blog (your #BlogCrush)
  • When you add your BlogCrush (post written by someone else) to the InLinkz form, put “BC” at the beginning of their title
  • Tweet your BlogCrush (& us) to let them know you’ve added them to the linky
  • Comment using the #BlogCrush hashtag on at least these 4 posts:
    • 1 of the Host’s posts
    • 1 of the the Host’s Blogcrush posts
    • 2x personal posts from the rest of the link up
  • Add the #BlogCrush badge to the post that you’re linking up from your own blog. You can do this by copying the gobblydygook code in the box below and pasting it into the HTML view of your post.
Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 32

I’d love to share your posts with my followers so please tag me in your tweets using the #BlogCrush hashtag. You can find me at  @lucy_at_home

Blogcrush Week 32

Featured Posts

Each week, two posts from the linky are selected and added back into the linky the following week as the HOST BLOGCRUSH posts. These posts get lots of extra comments because all linkers have to choose one to comment on. This little perk is reserved for YOUR posts only (i.e. not your blogcrushes). Here are the featured posts for Blogcrush Week 32 –

Kelly is just so great at describing the feelings that every parent has. This post is all about coming to terms with her children growing up and needing her less. My girls are still small but I feel the time slipping away all too quickly!

This post is all about giving a great big HIGH FIVE to yourself! We work really hard as parents and yet must of us struggle with niggling guilt that it’s not enough. Alice wants to inspire us all to feel proud of our efforts and celebrate those parenting-wins, no matter how small.

Congratulations, ladies! Please collect your “I’ve been featured” badges from the top of the page 

Host Post

As a solo host again, I am adding two host posts so that you can choose which one you’d like to comment on.

Grandma pink flowers blogcrush week 32

My first post for blogcrush week 32 is Today would have been your birthday, Grandma.

I lost my grandma 9 months ago, the week before Christmas. This week would have been her birthday. This post was on my heart and sometimes, I think you just need to write to work out how you feel and process your emotions. That’s one of the things I love about blogging.

Childs Farm skin care and hair care products on hay blogcrush week 32

My second host post is a giveaway – Childs Farm Skin & Hair Care: Review & Giveaway

We’ve been using the Childs Farm Strawberry conditioner since my littlest one arrived on the scene three years ago, with her mop of wild, curly hair! The products are all suitable for those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin and they smell DELICIOUS!

And finally, a big thank you to you all. We may only be a small group, but we spread happiness and love through the blogging community with this little linky. I am very proud to be a part of that. I hope you have lots of fun linking up and I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

Love, Lucy x

P.S. Remember to check add BC to your Blogcrush’s title 🙂

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