My all-time favourite Mother’s Day

This year was my all-time FAVOURITE mother’s day, and probably will be the highlight of my year!
Did I get breakfast in bed? Did we go out for a posh meal? Did I receive some luxurious gifts? No, no and no! But, for the first time, I received a card that my daughter had written all by herself! I instantly burst into tears – my heart was bursting with pure happiness. She had worked so hard, and the wonky spelling made the message so much more adorable (yes, darling, you’re right – “love” should be spelt L.U.F.)

We spent a lovely afternoon at the park (in the freezing cold) and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face – I felt utterly contented with life. Being a stay at home mummy, my “job” is raising my children. I don’t have an annual review with my boss to discuss my progress. I don’t get emailed feedback from clients saying what I did well or otherwise. But that beautiful, handmade card, with it’s simple heartfelt message warmed my whole being – yes my daughter appreciates my efforts.

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