The Ultimate List Of Kids’ Charity Work Opportunities

I recently wrote a post called ‘66 Things To Do Before You’re 6‘ and one of the things on that list was “Do some charity work”.

I think charity work is a great thing for kids (and adults) to be involved in. As parents, it’s our job to teach children about the world and the impact that they can make. Let’s raise a generation that is outward looking; that notices need and seeks to fulfil it.

Children can learn so much from charity work. They can see that other people may not enjoy the same privileges that they take for granted (e.g. toys, clothes, food, family). The act of giving or helping also gives children a sense of pride and independence; they have been able to make a difference to someone. They can see that they have something unique to contribute to the world, which is great for boosting self-esteem.

When kids do charity work, they realise that helping others makes them feel good about themselves.

Crucially, the world will be a much nicer place if we all look out for each other. This is not just about donating things – it’s a much deeper lesson about helping others out and working together for the greater good.

Remember, it’s not just about taking part in official charity events, it’s about showing our kids that they can show kindness wherever they are.

The Ultimate List Of Children's Charity Work Opportunities

The ultimate list of kids charity work opportunities

40 ways your kid can do some charity work

  1. Choose some old toys to donate to a local baby/toddler group
  2. Adopt a pet from the animal centre (e.g. Dog’s Trust)
  3. Donate some food to a food bank
  4. Donate some Easter Eggs to a children’s hospital ward
  5. Drop off some clothes at a charity shop
  6. Sponsor a child in poverty (e.g. Compassion)
  7. Make a get well card for a poorly friend
  8. Give a Christmas present to someone less fortunate through the Shoebox Appeal
  9. Leave some pennies in the shop counter charity tin (e.g. McDonald’s RMHC slots)
  10. Do some recycling
  11. Hand on some old clothes to a smaller friend or sibling
  12. Donate some books to school
  13. Attend a local fundraising event
  14. Reverse advent calendar (choose 1 thing to donate for each day of advent)
  15. Litter picking (with adult supervision!)
  16. Use some pocket money in a charity shop
  17. Visit a nursing home
  18. Sponsor an animal (e.g. a guidedog or an endangered tiger)
  19. Pack people’s shopping at the supermarket
  20. Bake some cakes for people
  21. Donate some chocolates to a nursing home
  22. Make an insect hotel
  23. Wash windows / a car
  24. Hang someone’s washing out for them
  25. Attend a peaceful protest march
  26. Give some money to a busker
  27. If you have long hair, you can donate it to charity for wig-making
  28. Pay the Big Issue seller
  29. Put some bottles in the bottle bank
  30. Volunteer to look after the new kid at school
  31. Sell tickets to a show you’re putting on
  32. Join a “fun run
  33. Do some carol singing
  34. Take a box of food to a church harvest event
  35. Help the librarian put the children’s books away
  36. Feed the ducks
  37. Look after a friend’s pet when they’re on holiday
  38. Design & distribute and information leaflet about your chosen charity
  39. Surprise someone with a bunch of flowers
  40. Save up all the coppers you receive for a year and donate to a charity

18 sponsored events your child could organise / take part in

  1. Sponsored walk / toddle (number of laps of a bowling green)
  2. Sing-a-thon (pay per song or per minute)
  3. Sponsored skip (number of skips with a skipping rope)
  4. Sponsored hair cut
  5. Sponsored silence
  6. Joke-telling (pay per joke or per minute)
  7. Sponsored TV fast (no TV for 24hrs)
  8. Sponsored bath in some beans / custard
  9. Sponsored paint your face a bright colour for a week
  10. Sponsored pyjama day
  11. Read-a-thon (pay per page)
  12. Sponsored walk to school week
  13. Sponsored jumping day (tie your feet together so you can only move by jumping)
  14. Sponsored bike ride
  15. Dance-a-thon
  16. Sponsored swim (pay per length)
  17. Sponsored 3-legged day (buddy up with a friend & fasten your legs together)
  18. Sponsored wig-wearing day

So that’s my list. Have your kids taken part in any charity events? What sort of things did they do? Also if you have any charities that are particularly close to your heart, feel free to tell me about them in the comments section below!

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  1. 1
    Squirmy Popple

    Getting involved in charity work is a great idea for kids. Mine is not quite two so probably too young to really get it, but I want her to understand the importance of helping out others when she gets older. There’s a great charity in Glasgow where you can donate ‘welcome packs’ to refugees, and another once that donates starter packs of baby basics to new mums that I’ve been involved with. #DreamTeam

  2. 3
    Fran Back With A Bump

    This is such a great post and I think it’s important to help our kids appreciate how fortunate they are and to help others. Me and Ella are doing a 5k colour run in July to raise money for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham and she’s looking forward to it despite constant stitches when we go running!! #dreamteam

  3. 6
    Jade @ Captured By Jade

    I think it very important for children to be involved in charity work, as well as adults, and it is a great opportunity to give back and be selfless. Such an extensive list you’ve shared – thank you for so many great ideas! #DreamTeam

  4. 12

    What a wonderful post (I also loved 66 things to do before you’re 6 which in
    spired us to go and buy a kite). We have been meaning to take the kids to a locally organised litter pick for a while and you’ve inspired me to get it done – thankyou

  5. 17
    Jemma @popcornlunchuk

    My eldest constantly asks how she can help when she sees charity campaigns on tv etc etc, it never occurred to me how many ways there were for kids to get involved! Think my lot would struggle with the sponsored silence though! Loved this #blogcrush

  6. 19
    Becky | Bringing up the Berneys

    I love this 🙂 people hear the word “charity” and just automatically assume money or a physical item contribution – but it’s not always that black and white! Yes of course money and items are a vital part but your time is just as important, and I think it’s a great idea to get kids used to the idea of helping whilst they’re young – it’ll just become natural for them as they’re older!
    I’ll be looking into my local area to see what we can get involved in! Becky x

  7. 23
    Jean |

    “it’s about showing our kids that they can show kindness wherever they are.” Lucy, I’m tweeting this because it’s something I’m always saying. Kindness. Can’t be emphasized enough! Children have to be taught to think of others. Wonderful post!

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