Hotel Chocolat Throw A party To Rival Willy Wonka!

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CHOCOLATE! I’ve got your attention, haven’t I?!

Chocolate is one of those things that unites us all – you’re never too old to enjoy a chocolate (or five!) – and Hotel Chocolat has to be one of the best!

Back when we were students in York, hubby used to buy me a little treat from Hotel Chocolat whenever we’d handed in the terms’ assignments so it always makes me smile!

Hotel Chocolat school of chocolate

Hotel Chocolat School Of Chocolate

Well now, Hotel Chocolat have opened their very own School Of Chocolate! And our family was invited over to the Chocolate Metropolis in Leeds to try out the Children’s Chocolate Workshop.

Hotel Chocolat shop front Leeds

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Metropolis Function Room Leeds

Right from the start, it was hands-on!

  • The kids learnt all about cocoa pods (did you know they can be red, green, orange, yellow, and even purple!) and got to have a feel of one
  • Then they crushed their own cocoa beans to get out the cocoa nip
  • And then they rubbed cocoa butter over their hands to get a proper feel of it
Hotel Chocolat Colourful cocoa pods

Colourful cocoa pods!

The class was run by Resident Chocolatier, Dan, and his sidekick, Sam. Both were brilliant with the kids and made sure everyone in the group was involved and enjoying it.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Lab workshop

I think my favourite bit was watching the kids’ faces when Dan lifted a jug of melted chocolate above his head and poured it out onto the table! This is how they temper the chocolate but the children were horrified! Hahaha.

Hotel Chocolat tempering chocolate


And then it was time for tasting! Mmmmm!

Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate

Our favourite was the Caramel Chocolate – deliciously creamy, it just melted in the mouth! In fact we loved it so much, we bought ourselves a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar (anyone attending the School of Chocolate gets 10% off in the shop afterwards!).

Hotel Chocolat shop - two girls choosing a treat

Then the children got to decorate their own Hotel Chocolat slabs. There were sprinkles, rice puffs, chocolate buttons, marshmallows and so much more, all to be stuck on with melted white chocolate.

As you can imagine, it was great fun (and ever-so-slightly messy!)

Hotel Chocolat decorating chocolate slabs

I think at 3 years old, Charis was a slightly too young for the talking bit, but she loved playing with the chocolate (and eating it, obvs!). At 6, Jenny was the perfect age!

Hotel Chocolat decorating chocolate lollipop

Hotel Chocolat school of chocolate sprinkles

Technical Info

  • Currently available in Leeds and London
  • £20 per child
  • Book online
  • Event lasts 1hr 15min
  • Hot chocolate on arrival
  • 10% off in the shop
  • Goody bag at the end (delicious!)
  • Private parties available for 6-25 kids

Hotel Chocolat children's chocolate workshop

Jenny has already declared that she wants to have her birthday party there next month (and you can’t get higher praise than that).

But I’ve since found out Hotel Chocolat also offer evening events for adults with a glass of Prosecco thrown in. So hubby, if you’re reading this, I’m just remind you that it’s my birthday next month too…!

Hotel Chocolat School of chocolate events

Hotel Chocolat Crushed Cocoa beans

Hotel Chocolat decorating with chocolate

Disclosure: We were invited to the Children’s Chocolate Workshop in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. For more info, check out my disclosure policy.


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  1. 3
    Mrs T

    Is it wrong that I am just totally craving a gigantic chocolate fix after reading this!? Looks like you all had a fabulous time what a great idea for a day out! Thanks for sharing. #StayClassyMama

  2. 6
    Lisa Pomerantz

    So, based on this post, there is such a thing as heaven! WOWOW! I am so jealous and salivating like Pavlov’s dog… you found my weak spot. Hey, I don;t smoke, drink or do drugs. A little chocolate is a good thing! M’wah Lucy! xoxo #triumphanttales xoxo

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