That Awkward Moment When… the parents’ edition

Parenting is wonderful but it can also produce some cringingly-awkward moments! I’ve written a list of some of my awkward moments so you can reassure me that I’m not the only parenting disaster to give you a bit of a giggle.

Awkward Parenting Moments

That awkward moment when

1) You excitedly point out a cow, only to realise you’re in the car with adults, not your kids

2) You get to work and find that the kids actually didn’t eat all their breakfast. In fact, they left a nice big splodge of it on your beautiful white blouse

3) Your 5yo daughter insists on having the same hairstyle as you

awkward moment same hair

4) Your baby is screaming down the restaurant so you shove a spoonful of food in her mouth to shut her up. The next moment, the table is covered in vomit, as well as yourself, your baby, the lady on the next table, and the poor waiter who was walking past at the time

5) You realise you’re the only parent in the entire school who forgot it was non-uniform day

6) The “Nutella or Poo?” gamble doesn’t pay off

7) You need to write a note to the teacher but the only piece of paper available is your Morrison’s receipt. Plus you don’t fancy the teacher knowing you bought 12 bottles of wine last week!

8) You come out of an important meeting and your colleague finally tells you you’ve been sporting a Finding Dory sticker on your elbow all morning

9) Your friend puts a reminder on Facebook that the clocks go back so you duly alter all your devices, only to wake up in the morning remembering that your friend is Australian and school started 10 minutes ago

awkward moment clock

10) You take your toddler to the shopping centre toilets and she asks if you’ve finished yet or whether you’re still doing a poo

11) Your child decides to reveal her newest trick to the world… getting undressed

12) The receptionist at the doctors asks for your child’s date of birth and you totally blankwhat?? There are like a million birthdays that a mum needs to remember … (that reminds me – did I post that card to Great Aunty Ethel?…)

13) You buy a very ugly-looking Incredible Hulk mask for your little one to take to James’s birthday party, only to discover that “James” is, in fact “Jaymes” (a girl!)

14) You take your beautiful new baby to meet your work colleagues and she poos on the boss’s desk

15) Your child takes your tampons into school for show and tell. – There. Are. No. Words. How did she even get hold of them?!

16) You give a friend a lift in your car, and don’t realise, until they point out, that you’re listening to Mr Tumble’s Greatest Hits… and singing along at full volume


What awkward moments would you add to the list?


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    • 2
      Lucy At Home

      Oh the show and tell makes me blush just thinking about it. I remember my cousin once took his mum’s false teeth into school for show and tell. She was hunting high and low for them! Haha. So funny!

  1. 3

    These are brill! My awkward moment would be paying for a bottle of wine at my corner shop and as I’m getting ready to walk out saying “come on then off we pop” only to remember the baby is not with me he’s at his nannies! Clearly the man in the corner shop thinks I’m some crazy lady who talks to her wine! #bloggerclubuk

    • 8
      Lucy At Home

      Hehe oh good! Oh the number of times I’ve done the cow thing (or a tractor or a helicopter or whatever it happens to be!) It’s so embarrassing because you launch into it with such gusto, before noticing how ridiculous you look! Oops!

  2. 9

    Hahaha I love this! What is the fascination with tampons! Thankfully mine hasn’t taken them off to show and tell yet but she always asks if “she can do it”. My god. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

  3. 11
    Angela Watling

    Oh my goodness, number 6 made me chuckle and number 15 made me cry! Tampons at school. Eeek.

    Can totally relate to no 2 except in my case I’d been at work for 90mins and 10 minutes into a conversation with a colleague realise my daughter had wiped her runny nose ALL OVER MY CARDIGAN. Oh the shame. It had to be a childless male colleague too. (He looked bemused as I started ranting at my shoulder and attacking the mark with an antibacterial wipe!) #FamilyFun

  4. 13

    Umm… What is the Nutella poo game? Haha these are great, I turned up to Halloween themed baby group party failing to put my kids in fancy dress – the shame, I was that mum! Thanks for linking up at #famikyfun lovey xx

  5. 17
    Kelly Robinson

    I love this post. My 19 month old likes to put her hand down my top. On several occasions I haven’t realised that I am walking around with one boob (covered by a mum bra) poking out and I have no idea how long it has been like that for!!

  6. 22
    Random Musings

    These are brilliant. Kids are such naturals at knowing how to embarrass parents. I particularly like the Dory sticker one and the one about pointing out the cows 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK

  7. 23

    HA Ha Ha I had such a hearty laugh reading these awkward but oh so relatable moments. Thankfully, I haven’t had too many of these yet, kids being too little to be able to talk and all, but I am going to be there soon. These are truly hilarious. How did you even remember them to make this list? I think I would strategically suffer from amnesia. #familyfun

  8. 29
    Cherry @ The Newby Tribe

    These made me laugh! My son has a tendency at the moment when we are in the ladies toilets to either say, very loudly ‘Mummy I’ve done a wee – do you need one?’. Or to say ‘Mummy, why don’t you have a willy like mine?’ I spend my whole time shushing him! Kids are so funny. #thelistlinky

  9. 34
    Cheryl @ Tea or Wine

    Hah hah!! Brilliant! Did the tampon one really happen? I can only imagine the teacher’s thoughts!! I always worry that we will miss the non school uniform memo too! I spent a good 10 minutes yelling to my toddler as she charged around the supermarket only to suddenly realise I was calling out her sister’s name!! Whoops!! #bigpinklink

  10. 37
    Amy & Tots

    At least it isn’t just my child that makes funny comments while I’m on public toilets. Have you had a poo yet mommy, swiftly followed by a good girl is plenty embarrassing! Amy x #TwinklyTuesday

  11. 39
    Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum

    This is just simply hilarious! You had me laughing at number 1 and in hysterics by the end! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  12. 43

    Haha I’m always pointing out cows and dogs and tractors when I’m child free. It’s the best part of motherhood getting excited over unimportant objects! Haha #BigPinkLink

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