*Launching Today* Lucy At Home T-shirt Shop

This is possibly one of the most exciting posts I have written yet – today I can proudly announce that we have launched our very own Lucy At Home T-shirt shop!

Lucy At Home T-Shirt My Cars My Rules Light Blue

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Maternity Mama Bear Baby Bear Colour Denim

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Pretty Fearless Heliconia


I really hope you can pop by the shop and take a look – we have designs for babies, children, mums, dads, and even mums-to-be so I’m sure there’ll be something to grab your attention.

I’m going to introduce you to our first few Lucy At Home T-shirt designs now and remember – all our tees are available in a wide range of colours so click through to the shop to find your favourite! There is also an exclusive discount code for Lucy At Home readers at the bottom of this post 🙂

The Lucy At Home T-shirt Range

The Bear Collection

So originally this started as a “Mama Bear” tee because it’s something I get called a lot! Then hubby had the genius idea to use the Mama Bear design on a maternity top with Baby Bear over the bump.

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Mama Bear Baby Bear Maternity

Our Mama Bear / Baby Bear maternity design. Colour: Denim

And then we figured we’d better make one for the whole family, so you can also have a Papa Bear T-shirt, a Little Bear T-Shirt, or a Baby Bear T-shirt. Cute!

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Papa Bear Orange

Papa Bear. Colour: Orange

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Little Bear Irish Green

Little Bear. Colour: Irish Green

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Baby Bear Light Pink

Baby Bear. Colour: Light Pink

The Papa Bear t-shirt will make a great gift for any dad and, with “twinning” all the rage these days, why not pair your Mama Bear tee with a Baby Bear tee for your little one. Too cute!

Pretty Fearless

We came up with the Pretty Fearless slogan to capture our girls’ adventurous spirit! They love running and climbing and exploring, and yet they’re girly-girls too. I don’t believe you have to be one or the other – let’s encourage our girls to embrace their femininity whilst retaining their plucky, bold nature too!

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Pretty Fearless Sapphire Top Half

Pretty Fearless. Colour: Sapphire

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Pretty Fearless Black and White Image

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Pretty Fearless Sapphire Flatlay

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Pretty Fearless Sapphire Jumping

Powered By Glitter

I may be biased (I totally am!), but when my girls giggle, the whole room lights up. Surely that amount of sparkle can only come from someone powered by glitter! This fun design is sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Powered By Glitter Pointing At Flowers

Powered By Glitter. Colour: Light Pink

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Powered By Glitter Light Pink Dabbing

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Powered By Glitter Light Pink With Flowers

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Powered By Glitter Light Pink Scooter In Car Park

My Cars, My Rules

It’s a funny thing playing cars with kids, isn’t it – there are certain rules that you have to abide by.

  1. You can only play with the car you’re given
  2. If your little one decides they want your car, you have to give them that one too
  3. Your car cannot drive faster than your little one’s
  4. If your car accidently drives faster, it will be confiscated

This is where the inspiration for the My Cars My Rules t-shirt came from.

Lucy At Home T-Shirt My Cars My Rules Purple

My Cars My Rules. Colour: Purple

Lucy At Home T-Shirt My Cars My Rules Sand

Colour: Sand

Lucy At Home T-Shirt My Cars My Rules Indigo

Colour: Indigo

And remember, just like all our other designs, this slogan is available in a wide range of colours so have a browse and pick your favourite!

I hope you like our initial Lucy At Home T-shirt designs. My head is swirling with new slogans and designs so I’m sure we’ll be adding more items to the shop very soon.

We can ship world-wide.

Our kids t-shirts are priced between £12 and £15, and our adult tees cost between £17 and £20. We have an exclusive 10% discount for all Lucy At Home readers if you buy before the end of July. Just use the code starter4-10. Happy shopping!

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Powered By Glitter Light Pink Scooter

Lucy At Home T-Shirt Powered By Glitter and Pretty Fearless Flat Lay

I’d love to know what you think of our first few designs. Do you prefer bold colours or more subtle ones? Have you ever wanted to design your own clothes? Which is your favourite design? I read all your comments so please post away in the comments section below

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  1. 3

    Congratulations! Hope it goes well! I definitely need that Mama bear tee for when I’m pregnant again! My nickname is ‘Sarah Bear’ and I’ve always called my little ones ‘baby bears’! SO adorable!

  2. 7

    #triumphanttales ohhh best of luck and the fabric looks super soft. i hope it takes off and is a wonderful success. its always scary doing something new, i find it extremely inspiring. x

  3. 9

    Good luck with your new venture! Personally I prefer the more subtle colours, I think the bright ones can look a bit ‘gimmicky’ with a slogan. Just my honest feedback! x

  4. 14

    Love love love! You can’t beat a spot on slogan T shirt and these are all really cute / fun / perfect! Can’t wait to see the brand grow as more lines are added 😉
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub x

  5. 19

    Lucy this is great! Well done. Slogan tees are all the rage so I’m sure they will go down a treat. I love the little bear ears and the mama and baby one especially. Good luck with this new venture. x

  6. 20

    Lucy this is FABULOUS! I wish you lots of luck with this venture – I need the Powered By Gitter Tee in my life!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

  7. 21

    Ah Lucy, these look fab and such a great idea. I wish you nothing but success with it and I will be sure to swing by and take a look! Lots of luck lovey #stayclassymama

  8. 23
    five little doves

    Oh these are AMAZING!!! My girls would LOVE those powered by glitter t shirts, perhaps I will have to treat them over the Summer. Good luck with this lovely! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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