Fun Christmas Nativity Songs For KS2

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It can be tricky to find upbeat, fun nativity songs for KS2 (children aged 7 – 11 yrs). We end up trotting out the same traditional Christmas Carols every year, knowing full well that most of the lyrics are far too complicated, and the tunes are not interesting.

But no more!

I’ve written some new Christmas nativity songs for KS2 children to well-known, fun tunes that the kids will already know. Hurray!

For copyright purposes, I am unable to put recordings up with the new lyrics, but I have attached YouTube clips of the originals to remind you of the tunes. If you like the songs, you can buy official backing tracks by doing a google search for the original song or, if you’re really lucky, get someone to play the piano!


Nativity Songs for KS2 children

So let’s start our list of new nativity songs for KS2 with one of the top films of 2018 – The Greatest Showman.

Light of the world, shining

This is a Christingle song which explains why Jesus is known as the “light of the world”. It is to the tune of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. You can either start the YouTube clip from 1:00 and just do the singing section, OR you can start from the beginning and get a few children to slowly read the bible quote (in italics) first.

The angel said to Mary, “God is very pleased with you.

You will have a baby boy and you must call him … Jesus

because He will rescue the people and make a way back to God for them.

He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God.

The Lord God will make him a king. He will rule forever.”


[1:00] – Lying there on a bed of straw,

Baby born to mum so poor –

God has come to earth.

God has come to earth

Who could have thought of a plan so crazy –

Lord that formed the world, a baby?

God has come to earth.

God has come to earth…

For me.


Shining, shining,

Shining, shining,

Shining for me, for me.

Light of the world,

Light of the world,

Light of the world,

For me, for me, for me.


God becomes the baby Jesus,

To live, for us, a life that pleases

God who rules the earth.

God has come to earth.

Light to shine on our bad choices,

Light to say, “There’s life through Jesus!”

God has come to earth.

God has come to earth… …

For me.


Shining, shining,

Shining, shining,

Shining for me, for me.

Light of the world, shining, shining,

Light of the world, shining, shining,

Light of the world,

For me, for me, for me, for me.


A king in a stable

Next on our new set of hit nativity songs for KS2 is “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King. Again, I’ve included a YouTube clip for demo purposes but the lyrics are just set to the verse (so listen from 1:16 to 1:42). The actual backing track I used can be purchased here (aff link).

A king in a stable;

Baby laid in the straw.

A king in a stable –

What is this all for?

A plan of rescue

Friendship with God restored

Through a baby boy

Born to bring us joy.

A king in a stable.


A king in a stable?

What a strange little tale.

“A king in a stable,”

All the angels hail!

He brings good news,

For the whole of the world.

Here to save us from

What we’ve done wrong.

A king in a stable!


A king in a stable

And a star in the sky.

A king in a stable

And I’ll tell you why:

Because God loves you

He sent Jesus to die.

Celebrate the birth,

God is here on earth –

A king in a stable.

A king in a stable.

A king in a stable.


Other Ideas

Here are a few other ideas you could look at (click title to be taken to YouTube):

  1. The Calypso Carol
  2. Look To The Skies
  3. This Child
  4. It Was On A Starry Night
  5. Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till It Happens In Your Heart

You could also have a look at my own Christmas songs for preschool kids.

And if you’re holding a Christingle service, feel free to check out my interactive Christingle story which is guaranteed to get the children on their feet and enjoying themselves.

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Interactive Christingle Story for Children

I hope you liked the songs. Do you have any suggestions of Christmas nativity songs that appeal to primary school children? Which songs did you like doing as a child? What are your favourite Christmas songs now? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. 3

    So clever and also great to be seeing the true meaning of Christmas being highlighted. Miss the days when I had to go to school for Nativity Plays! Roll on me being a granny and doing it all again! #BlogCrush

  2. 6

    This is a great playlist, Lucy! The kids can really relate to the simple and meaningful lyrics. Now this isn’t exactly a song but there’s a really good Christmas movie on Netflix. It’s called Angela’s Christmas. Have you seen it? It will reslly appeal to little kids and the message of Christmas is presented in such a simple yet impactful way. #blogcrush

  3. 9
    Liberty Henwick

    Wow, you are a talented songwriter too Lucy! I absolutely love these and will be printing them out to teach my kids as I have a plan that we’ll have a mini family concert this Christmas. One of the songs we have learnt in recent years that mine enjoy is called ‘I’m going to wrap up myself for Christmas’ – a super cute one for preschoolers to perform! The other one is ‘Hush there’s a Baby’, I just love this one too. #blogcrush

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