7 Ways Blogging Is Like Being In The Royal Family!

With Harry and Megan’s wedding just a few weeks ago, Britain (and the rest of the world!) has gone mad for our Royal Family! But did you know that, if you’re a blogger, it’s pretty much the same thing as being one of the royals!*

*this statement may not be 100% accurate

being a parent blogger is like being in the royal family - children playing tig outside at Bolton Abbey

7 ways blogging is like being in the royal family

You share your personal moments with the entire world

I loved watching Harry and Megan interacting on their wedding day, but I couldn’t help feeling that I was snooping on something that should have been a private moment for close friends and family.

As bloggers, we also live-stream a lot of our special family moments… and then we come home and blog about them too. There is nothing off-limits – every wedding, argument, triumph and challenge is blog fodder!

The world thinks you sit around all day but you actually work really hard

Bloggers and royals both have a bad wrap for getting everything handed to them on a plate!

being a mummy blogger is like being in the royal family - child sitting on a bench

You get stuff for free but you can’t pick what you want

The royal family get a lot of freebies… and so do bloggers. But beggars can’t be choosers – you just get what you’re given and what the “higher powers” want you to share the world.

What if Megan Markle always dreamed of a beach wedding? Or what if Harry wanted to sing to his bride on their big day?

You have to find a cause and be passionate about it

You have a voice and people listen to what you say (even if they only do it to disagree with you) so you can really bring about change in the world. There are also lots of people who look at you for inspiration and encouragement and you find that you’re the head of a movement.

writing a parenting blog is like being in the british royal family - two children climbing through a box in the playground

It’s a family affair

From granny to baby, great aunty Susan down to the dog – it’s a family business, and everyone has a role to play. There are the stars who are sure to draw a crowd and there are the ones who prefer to be out of the lime light but just being related makes you part of the gig.

You have friends all over the world

Whatever country is mentioned, you can name someone who lives there. Yes they’re in a different time zone, and yes they speak a different language, but they’re still your friends, even if you don’t see them ever as often as you’d like.

life as a mummy blogger is like being in the royal family - mum and daughter holding hands

Your kids are the real stars

Despite the hard work of the parents, it’s the kids that steal the show! They’re the ones that everyone is really interested in (!) and one cute photo can paper over any cracks or less-than-perfect performances. Phew!

life as a mum blogger is like being in the royal family - mummy holding hands with little girl

Can you think of any other ways bloggers and royals are the same? What are your favourite things about being a blogger? Let me know in the comments below.


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    Liberty Henwick

    This post made me smile, I never though of it that way but it’s true. The mental picture of Harry singing to Megan in that huge church with his cousins side-eyeing him cracks me up! The other way we are like royal family is that we have people to cook and clean for us while we work- oh wait, no, that’s just in my dreams.

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