My Big, Fat Blogging Secret: Should I Stay Anonymous?

My blog is a complete secret! I mean obviously you guys know about it (!), but my “real life” friends and family don’t have a clue. With the exception of my wonderful hubby (love you!), I have never uttered a word about Lucy At Home to anyone.

Why have I kept it a secret? Lots of reasons, really; some logical, some irrational, some I’m ashamed of:

  • I never expected blogging to become so important to me
  • I’m worried I’m not good enough
  • It gives me the freedom to write unhindered and uncensored
  • I think I haven’t achieved enough yet to earn the blogger title
  • I don’t want my obscure, on-the-fringes acquaintances to know about my personal life
  • I want to protect my kids’ identities
  • I don’t think they’ll know or understand what blogging is
  • I assume that they’ll think blogging is a waste of my time
  • I’m worried that they won’t be as excited about it as I want them to be

I didn’t intend to keep it a secret for so long, it’s just that I’ve never found the right moment to tell people.

At the beginning, it all felt so new and I was just “trying it out” to see if I liked the hobby. Then I wanted to get a bit more established before telling people so that they could see that it wasn’t a pointless pass-time. Now, it feels a bit ridiculous to say that I’ve started blogging because I actually started over a year ago and it feels awkward!

Maybe I’m just making up excuses (I totally am!) but I just can’t seem to find the right time. Maybe there isn’t a right time? Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and go for it?

The truth is, I’m not sure I can keep it a secret much longer. I spend about 20+ hours a week on “blogmin” tasks and my friends are beginning to wonder why I’m always so busy. The stress is starting to take its toll because I have not dropped any of my pre-blogging commitments. And the blog is such a huge part of my life now…

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time to come clean with my nearest and dearest.

So I’ve enlisted the help of some of my wonderful blogging buddies (you are what makes blogging so flipping brilliant!) to give me their thoughts and experiences.

8 Bloggers’ Thoughts On Keeping Their Blog A Secret (Or Not!)

1. Pam


My blog came about as a result of my friends telling me how funny some of my Facebook posts about the kids were.

My husband doesn’t read it. He supports my writing but has no interest in blogs in general. My mum and brother are big supporters and regular readers, as are a lot of my close friends. Because of this I do feel like I censor some of what I write. It’s difficult to write about certain situations when you don’t want to offend anyone but also want to write honestly. In truth, it’s a minefield.

But what annoys me most is the general perception that all bloggers are making money and I’m fed up of being asked what free stuff I’m getting. I blog as a hobby. I work full time and have two children so for me it will stay a hobby. You don’t ask someone who is off to play 5-a-side when they will play their next premier league match!

2. Wendy


I started my blog on a complete whim. There were no weeks spent researching or debating whether it was a good idea and I didn’t discuss it with anyone. I was bored one day and just started typing on my laptop. I told Oli (my husband) about it later that day. I just chucked it into conversation – it was just a blog after all, no big deal.

I kept it a secret from my friends and family for months. Although the Internet is a very public space, I kind of wanted to keep my blog away from the eyes of people who actually knew me – the thought of people I knew nosing around my blog, finding out the inner workings of my mind, felt strange.

I find this hard to admit, now I wear my blogger badge with pride, but there was a time I was a bit embarrassed of my blog. I mean, who spews all their thoughts onto the world wide web for everyone to see? Was I even any good at it? No one else I know in real life blogs and I was worried people might think it was an odd thing for me to be spending my time on.

It wasn’t until I started getting sent products to review and was earning a bit of cash from my blog that I actually started telling family about it. Stupid, I know, but I kind of felt like people were less likely to think it was a waste of time if I could actually say I was earning from it.

There was no big “coming out” ceremony, but once I landed my first sponsored post I couldn’t help spill the beans about my secret corner of the internet. I found myself telling close friends; not making a big deal of it, but mentioning it in passing. My big reveal to my wider circle of family and friends was when I changed my Instagram and Twitter handles to include my blog name and started sharing links to my posts on my personal Facebook account.

I just realised that I was proud of my blog and it was silly for me to keep hiding it from the people I actually know. There has been no negative reaction from my family or friends. Most are genuinely interested in what I write about or are curious to find out what blogging is. Many think it’s pretty awesome I get sent stuff to review, and my parents and husband are proud of me for doing something I love. It’s great I can sometimes bring in a bit of extra cash for the family pot too.

The only down is that sometimes I feel I have to censor what I write.

Even after 2 years I don’t call myself a blogger, though. If people ask what I do then I reply with ‘I’m doing the mum thing’. If we end up friendly enough to be Insta buddies or I feel comfortable enough with them to allow them into my online life then they will soon get know my not-so-secret blogger side.

blog secret milk muffin laptop

3. Lisa


Having already ‘come out of the closet’ once in my life, I wasn’t going to hide my blog, or anything else for that matter!

I started blogging because it was a lot cheaper than therapy. No joke. I easily tell people that I am a blogger, but I am not at all pushy. If they ask more, I tell. If they don’t, no worries.

I use it to my advantage if say, I am trying to make a point with our apartment management company: “You should be careful here, I’m a blogger!” And sometimes, I get free things to review when I tell people. That is sweet.

I have blurred all the lines of social media: my blog is aligned to my Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, G+ and YouTube. After all, my blog is about my shtick (life as I do it). I am always surprised (and elated) to hear that someone is following me, or has read something I’ve written.

My Mrs tells a lot of people (and doesn’t always read – tsk…tsk…). Most of my family and friends read what I write, at least some of the time.

After I publish a post that is vulnerable and open, I can get a call immediately from my shvester (sister) to see if I am okay. Sometimes a friend will call to tell me I made him/her laugh.

I get to meet up with wonderful people from places near and far. I love blogging, sharing my story and writing more than I ever thought I would. And some day, my shanamaidelehs (sweet little girls) will have something to look back on and remember about their momma. <3

4. Fi


I started writing after I’d started withdrawing from family and friends due to the fact I was suffering with panic attacks. I find writing so therapeutic and when I put my first post out there, I got such an amazing response from those I am close to that it spurred me on. Combined with my pregnancy, it was a wonderful way to share what I was going through; the excitement and the fear!

I told people straight away about my blog; I shared the link on my Facebook and, although I was really nervous, I got such a huge amount of support with others saying they’d been through the same and how they had dealt with it.

I get a lot of family and friends asking how the blog is going, but those I am very close to – my husband, siblings, even some of my best friends – don’t appear to read it. Then on the other side of the coin, I have friends who I’d never expect to read my blog – male friends or friends who don’t have kids yet – that read it avidly!

Occasionally I share my blog posts on my personal Facebook especially if it’s one I am really proud of. But I generally keep it to the blogs own social media channels.

5. Kimberly


Coming out in non-gay blogging terms is a big deal. It’s strange to think why really, but I still feel a bit of butterflies before I press publish. That feeling of vulnerability I guess… The first person I told I was going to start a blog was my friend Sunita – she’d been writing her own blog, Lucky Things, for a year.

I debated internally about whether to share a little, or a lot, or change names, perhaps only have anonymous pics of the kids… but decided I would just go for it.

My husband has supported me from day one – he can tell how much I love writing – he just prefers to remain out of the picture. I reckon he’s hoping I’ll make millions from the blog somehow and he can put his feet up one day – ha! Sometimes I run stuff by him if I think it’s too private, but generally I do my own thing.

As soon as I launched the site, I took the plunge and plugged it to all my friends (massively cringing at the same time)… and the reaction was fab. I’m sure many take or leave it now but that’s up to them – they’re not all my target audience!

I’m not sure my parents really ‘get it’ and why I write it, but they also trust my judgement and know I enjoy it. It’s weird that I worry most about what my Mum might say, though, so I do think there’s a subconscious filter at times because I know she reads it. (Hi Mum – eek!)

6. Vicki


I shared my first post on FB and twitter but I didn’t show my son’s face for a while. That took some time. Once I did, I returned to my old published posts and added in relevant pictures of him.

friends sharing secrets via ben white unsplash

7. Kelly


I had been writing my blog in secret for a good 2 years before I shared it with anyone I actually know ‘in real life’.

I initially wrote about life after domestic abuse as I found it really cathartic to get my feelings down on paper. It was quite raw, though, so I didn’t want anyone I knew to read it back then. It was purely for me as a therapeutic tool.

As my blog changed, covering a wider variety of subjects, I decided to take the plunge and share it. I set up a Facebook page but it just sat there for weeks as I was too scared to press publish. I got my sister to look through all my posts first, then shared my blog page on my personal Facebook page… So scary!!!

I’m so glad I did, though, as everyone has been so positive and supportive. I’m much more open about my blog now and do tell new people about it. Putting myself ‘out there’ as someone who doesn’t verbalise her feelings well was really nerve wracking but I’m so glad I did it.

8. Helen


I did tell people about my blog straight away. I didn’t really consider keeping it a secret but, in hindsight, I wonder if I would have done things differently. I think it’s hard for the non-blogging world to fully understand the blogging world (BW).

The drawback of telling people is that when you publish, you are aware that they could be reading it and making assumptions about you. Funnily enough, I don’t worry about that so much with the response from the BW. Also, if I don’t receive a response from people I know then I worry they didn’t like it. Crazy, I know, but the feeling is real!

The Instagram followers who have been friends have sometimes unfollowed me because I post so regularly, their feed is just full of justsayingmum. I can’t blame them, I’d probably unfollow me too! However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel a little hurt.

I have changed how I tell people but I think that’s because I’ve become more confident as my following has grown so I’m not so shy about it. I still rarely share things on my personal Facebook page, though; I try to keep my blog and my personal life very separate.

If I could change anything it would probably would have been to be a little quieter about it in the beginning. But hey – you live and learn!

Blog Materials Flat Lay Secret Blogger

There are definitely some common themes running through here, and it’s great to hear that so many of you have found support and encouragement from sharing with your friends and family. I feel inspired by the pride you all have in your work and I also feel your fears keenly too.

It’s odd how so many of us feel that we can share our innermost thoughts with complete strangers, but speaking with our friends and family feels much more awkward. I guess it’s because we have time to properly word our blog posts, but once you get into a face-to-face discussion about it, you have to make it up as you go along.

I think that’s the heart of my fears – sharing on the blog means sharing on my terms (I choose what to reveal and how much) whereas when my friends and family read it, they can ask me directly and I have nowhere to hide.

You have definitely given me a lot to think about. Thank you so much for taking the time to write down your experiences (and sorry that I had to edit away so much of your work). I will definitely keep you all informed as I try to bring the two parts of my life together (Eeeek!)

My lovely readers – I’d love to know your thoughts! Is your blog a secret or do you tell people about it? How do they react? Do they even know what a blog is? Or maybe you don’t have a blog but you feel inspired after reading these stories – do you think you’ll tell people or will you keep it a secret? Please let me know in the comments section below and help me work this thing out!


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  1. 1
    Tracey Abrahams

    When I started my first blog about 5 years ago it wqs anonymous. Like many other peoooe I used writing as a form of therapy. My current blog isnt anonymous, I share my posts on facebook so anyone who knows me can read it. I tend to assume most real life people dont read my blog sonim always quite supprised if anyone mentions a post.

  2. 3
    The Squirmy Popple

    It’s interesting to hear how other people made the decision to ‘come out’. I was pretty open with my friends and family about having a blog – because I live abroad, in a way it was for them to keep up with what we’re up to as a family. However, I don’t share my blog posts on my personal FB page (I don’t want to spam everyone I know with baby/bloggy stuff) and I haven’t told anyone at work because I want to keep my work/blog life separate. #DreamTeam

    • 4
      Lucy At Home

      It’s really interesting how people have different boundaries or limits that they set, and how they come to these conclusions. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses, and thank you for telling me about your decisions too

  3. 5

    Really interesting post – I was definitely a bit unsure about telling everyone, and sometimes it’s rather embarassing when you know that your Father In Law has read a particularly ‘honest’ post lol, but overall friends and family have been massively supportive! #TriumphantTales

  4. 7

    My husband, the Tubblet and some of our friends know about my blog. Don’t know if they read it though! Rev T told my family though and I could have killed him. (Not literally!) Have no clue why

  5. 8
    Mama Grace

    Firstly I’m a writer and writing is personal. I started putting the poems I wrote for my daughter up because we loved them. However, there are so many poems I don’t put up. I share them and post them to my social media, so my friends and family can see them. I think it’s about being vulnerable and putting yourself out there. I’m an actress by trade, so I’m used to exposing my work and getting feedback and that is always scary. It’s gutting when something you do isn’t as well received as you like but I know that’s all part of it. I don’t like all of Shakespeare’s work and I reckon if he can have a few dodgy pieces, then so can I. #DreamTeam

  6. 10
    Becky | Bringing up the Berneys

    I created my blog as a way to connect with friends and family, to update them with family events and ongoings with my kids life. I have a lot of friends abroad, and family who don’t live close by so it was a way for me to reach out to them and keep them included in my life! – It’s never been a secret, and I do find myself sometimes holding back on a few things or censoring but it’s usually nothing major, and I can reword it so my point still gets across 🙂 I get the butterflies everytime I click post as I worry that others will judge or laugh at me for it, but then I think, well it’s my bloody page and if they don’t like what they’re reading they don’t have to! It’s not for them, it’s for me. 🙂 #TriumphantTales

    • 11
      Lucy At Home

      I think I would definitely get more butterflies if I knew friends and family were reading it. At the moment, I can console myself with being able to delete the post if it’s really badly received and never having to mention it again!

  7. 12

    Love this! It was so interesting to read how other people ‘came put’ as bloggers and there really are lots of similar feelings amongst us all. Thanks for including me in this brilliant post, I hope you can figure out what to do for the best xxx #triumphanttales #dreamteam

  8. 13

    As you know, I’m annoynomous….well kind of. I have told my family and friends but I’m not named on my blog and I don’t show many photos of my family as they have asked not to be in it (they don’t mind the odd hoot but like to approve it!) it is a tricky one. My family and friends have mostly been supportive but I now don’t post on my personal fb page as I noticed that I was unfollowed by some people! That hurt a bit but that’s ok. My other social media sites were set up at the same time as my blog as I was not on Twitter or Instagram before that. I respect that you want to keep your children’s faces off your blog. That’s your decision and one that many will wrestle with. As with blogging, it’s got to be how you want it to be. I do have to be careful as I’m in Education but I still think I would like some privacy. It’s a personal choice. I love your blog and read it every week and it really doesn’t matter if you and your families faces are not on it as it doesn’t detract from your great and very readable posts. Thank you for this post! DreamTeam

    • 14
      Lucy At Home

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment. It’s good to hear that you’re not put off by the lack of personal photos. And I’m glad your friends and family have been supportive on the whole

  9. 16
    Rhyming with Wine

    I love this Lucy and found it so interesting. I started out anonymous but eventually shared my site through my own Facebook. Blogging is such a big part of my life too now and it excites me to talk about it, but like you I worry that most of my “real life” friends don’t get it or think I’m a bit crazy. I was talking to an old manager recently and mentioned it to him and he just snorted and said “Yeah you come across like a blogger.” I often feel like I have to justify or explain myself which is silly really? Most people are brilliantly supportive though and it’s nice to be able to share my blog-life with them too! I’ll be watching with interest to see which way you decide to go with it! Big fan of your work as you know! xx

    • 17
      Lucy At Home

      Oh no I would hate someone to make that comment to me. What does it even mean?? In my experience, most bloggers are sensitive, friendly, creative people, so maybe we should take that comment as a compliment? x

  10. 18

    My blog is a secret from 90% of my real life. I almost feel like I’ve left it too long now to go public. But I hate keeping it back. I don’t even run a facebook page for my blog which I believe holds me back massively in terms of growing my audience. On the flip side, I really value my kid’s privacy. My husband supports me but he asked one thing and that’s that I keep our girls’ faces out of it. I respect that. But not being on facebook and not being open about it is very hard.
    I don’t have an answer though, but I definitely recognise the internal struggle.

    • 19

      Today was a huge milestone for me … my husband shared my first paid for sponsored post on his personal Facebook … I was so grateful to him. It’s a huge deal. The funny thing is that I’m not sure any of the personal friends who saw it even realise that they had a window into my blog, or even what a blog is! lol
      Not even sure how to process this!

  11. 21
    the frenchie mummy

    OMG! How can you keep it secret for so long? I have never been able to do so as I am an attention-seeker! Yes, I admit, but it’s not like a big deal to my friends and family. I don’t call myself as a blogger though. The word is a bit scary and very serious! I am just having fun! Many fab bloggers you included in this post! #brillblogposts

    • 22
      Lucy At Home

      Yes officially titling yourself “blogger” does sound very serious! But I do wish I could tell people somehow… just casually drop it into conversation and then move on! Haha. So they know about but I don’t have to explain myself!

  12. 23

    What a really interesting post, and I loved reading other people’s thought process about if they told people about their blog or not. I thought about starting mine for a long time & did announce it to my world of friends on all my social media. For me though, I stick with very practical posts, as personally I don’t talk about personal stuff a lot so I don’t write about it. Good luck with whatever decision you make about telling your friends about your blog. #sharingthebloglove

  13. 24
    Rebecca Smith

    My blog’s not a secret per-say but I don’t tell people I meet about it, I don’t like the idea of them asking me questions about it…I kinda want to say ‘hold that thought…’ run home and answer them in a post!!! It’s not that I’ve lost the art of talking to peoples faces, it’s just that I’m scared of saying the wrong thing or something that might shock someone so at least behind a keyboard I can’t see their reaction to why I need to blog…..deep stuff huh!!

  14. 26
    Meals and Makes

    Its interesting to see peoples views on telling friends and family. I did tell people, some were encouraging and some couldn’t really understand what I was doing or why. I suppose the important thing is that the person writing the blog is enjoying it or getting what they want from it. #SharingtheBlogLove

  15. 27
    Laura | Little Ladies Big World

    I am almost 18 months in and I would say I am half and half, whilst some of my friends and family know I don’t shout about it and I keep being told I am missing a trick but like you I sort of like the fact I am not worrying about what people think when I write and just do it, I need to read this again and again to convince me to be more confident, even my parents don’t know! #sharingthebloglove

  16. 28

    How have you kept it a secret?! I’m terrible at keeping secrets, truly awful – haha. I think you are established enough to call yourself a blogger definitely!. Good luck with whatever you decide xx #Stayclassymama

  17. 29

    I don’t know… i am half half / my close friends and family know (a part from my dad who reads religiously like his newspaper) I don’t think any other do. but people i know like that, don’t know about my blogging. The main reason is my husband’s job and the size of the island. A lot of people ‘know’ of us and I just don’t want comments or hassles… It’s just annoying isn’t it? a little bit at least…

  18. 30
    Jade @ Captured By Jade

    Really interesting to hear your thoughts, as well as how others transitioned into blogging also. I don’t blog anonymously, and do share pictures of my immediate family (me, my partner, and little one) as my blog is largely an online scrapbook for myself… Even though I do share beyond that scope. Although I am public in that respect, in many others I’m not – I don’t really share raw and vulnerable posts that I know a lot of other brave bloggers do, and not that many people know about my blog. I was hesitant to share about it with anyone other than my partner, especially as a lot of people don’t really get blogging, but when I did share with a few people they didn’t seem interested and like you say, have the enthusiasm that I have about it, and so I kind of thought what was the point in sharing y’know?! I imagine keeping a blog ‘secret’ to be quite hard, especially because of the hours that go into it, but I totally see why you do with all the reasons you shared. #DreamTeam

  19. 31
    Morgan Prince

    While my family know that I blog I don’t think they read. None of my real life friends know I blog. It’s not something I’ve chosen to share. I don’t show my boys’ faces in photos, and I used to blur out the Hubby’s too although he’s started to be less bothered by it. For me it’s about my boys’ privacy and not being censored. If everyone knew and read I’m not sure I’d write the same way. Great post, gives us lots to think about! #brillaintblogposts

  20. 33
    Dave - Dad's Turn

    My Little Bear is still anonymous (although he is now frequently referred to as little Bear by people who read the blog, which feels like it’s defying the point of an alias). Totally understand why you don’t spread it, although if people really did have options like that you’d do better to ignore them! 🙂 #TriumphantTales

  21. 34
    five little doves

    I think it totally depends on you! When I started out with my blog I didn’t tell my family, I sent the link to a few friends who wanted to read it and as my following grew I took the plunge and shared it on facebook! It was only a year later I finally shared my blog wth my mum and I felt really weird about it at first, but she is my biggest fan and I wish I hadn’t kept it from her before! #stayclassymama

  22. 36
    Jean |

    Lucy, I’m astonished! “I didn’t intend to keep it a secret for so long, it’s just that I’ve never found the right moment to tell people.” How about this? I’ve been blogging for more than 7 years and none of my friends in my area have a clue! If you thought it might be awkward telling people after a year, just think about me! 😀

  23. 40
    Lydia C. Lee

    I kept my blog a secret for a long time, mainly because I didn’t want anyone to feel obliged to read it . I’m open about it now but guess what, no one reads it anyway. So I’d just let them know but don’t be disappointed if no one if particularly interested.

    • 41
      Lucy At Home

      I think I need to be prepared for the fact that, just because it’s a big deal to me, doesn’t mean anyone else will give two hoots about it… but I know it will sting to find that out!

  24. 42
    Emma T

    My blog was never a secret. I didn’t shout it out but I didn’t keep it quiet. Now everyone knows and I’ quite happy to tell everyone. It never occurred to me to be anonymous. #sharingthebloglove

  25. 43
    The Mum Project

    Wow really interesting post. I think I was more like Wendy, I started my blog on a whim. I was frustrated and angry about being a new mum and needed an outlet. I think your blog is great and you should share it with everyone, I was nervous at first as well but the response from my friends and friends of friends has been overwhelming, and I am 100% sure your blog will have the same response . Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama

    • 44
      Lucy At Home

      What a wonderfully encouraging comment – thank you! My blog also started on a whim. I still have no idea what made the thought pop into my head. And I’m not usually one to do things spontaneously either. But, however it happened, I’m glad it did – I can’t imagine my life being blog-less now!

  26. 48
    Jo - MotherofTeenagers

    Lucy I loved reading this and all the comments! Like you and a few others my blog world is secret from my real world with the exception of my husband and my teens, who only really discovered it recently as it became increasingly difficult to keep it from them as they are nosey teenagers! As a PR professional I know that I am probably missing out on good opportunities to increase my following and incorporate more non bloggers among my readership, but for now I like it to be a place for personal expression that is free from judgment and censorship so for that reason more than any other I am retaining my anonymity. Good luck with your decision-making. #ablogginggoodtime

  27. 50
    Ali Duke

    I don’t hide that I have a blog, but I don’t put it in my friends/family faces either. I am proud of what I have achieved and if people do not like what I write then they don’t have to read it (there go my viewing figures lol).

  28. 51
    Mrs Mummy Harris

    My first blog was secret but this time around I didn’t like the idea of silence as I started it due to my PND and wanted people to know and not keep it quiet. I didn’t like the idea of people thinking I was ashamed of it. Now I have several family and friends who comment on my posts and are really supportive of it!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  29. 52

    Everyone who knows me knows I blog, and they always have! My friends and family probably make up at least half of my readers. I’m afraid if they didn’t know about it, my stats would drop WAY down. LOL! Seriously, though, I can understand your fears and worries, and I do think that I censor myself because of the people I know who read my blog. One of my aunts (whom I love!) joined my mailing list recently, and that was on my mind the WHOLE week every time I wrote ANYTHING. I’d think, “Oh, this is a little riske. What will Aunt Annie think?” So there is that. But honestly, I need for them to know, because I’d find it just impossible to keep my mouth shut when I see people in person. #ablogginggoodtime

  30. 55
    jeremy - thirstydaddy

    I can see the benefits to both sides. There are a lot of more personal things that I would write if I knew my friends and family wouldn’t see it, but on the other hand my friends and family make up a pretty good percentage of the people that are actually reading! #triumphanttales

  31. 57

    I do censor my blog a little due to family members reading it, but then even if my blog was secret from them, should I really be writing things that I wouldn’t be comfortable with them accidentally coming across and identifying themselves in anyway? #triumphanttales

  32. 58
    liz Deacle

    really interesting post! I’ve only been blogging for a few months and I told everyone about it straight away.(My mum was pushing me into it really.) My one regret is that I put it on my personal FB page. I didn’t have twitter when I started and I don’t have Instagram because I don’t know how it works… but those “friends” on Fb that sort of give me a wide birth now when I see them, that’s a shame. Oh well. You learn these things I suppose!

  33. 59

    Oh I have just loved reading through these comments! And so many! What a post. Thank you so much for asking me to be part of it. I love to how we as bloggers have such pride in our words and you’re right when we speak face to face we don’t have the time to compose ourselves as well I guess. I have loved the learning process and hindsight is just a wonderful thing. Like, Laura says from five little doves, she regrets having not told her mum sooner – will watch with interest on whether you do the big reveal. But it’s your choice my lovely xx #ablogginggoodtime

  34. 61

    I was a bit nervous to share my blog when I first started out, but I found that anyone who wasn’t interested just didn’t bring it up when I saw them face to face. I had a couple friends message and saying “sorry dude, I’m gonna have to unfollow you on ” and I was genuinely ok with that… I don’t want to ram anything down the throat of anyone who isn’t interested! #stayclassymama

  35. 63
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    Hi Lucy! Your blog is brilliant and I am sure all your friends and family would be so proud of you. I don’t particularly tell anyone about mine either, unless they ask. It’s funny because almost everyone I know googles and reads bloggers reviews and tips for everything 🙂 #DreamTeam x

  36. 67
    Alana - Burnished Chaos

    The only people I told initially were my husband and my parents, then I told my in-laws. Another family member found out through instagram but I asked her to keep it quiet. I struggle with Facebook because I’m so concerned about trying to keep my page and personal profile separate and it’s a bit of a pain. I know I would feel too self-conscious if too many people I know in real life were reading through and would find it really hard to write openly. I’m hoping once I’ve turned into more than a hobby I will feel more relaxed about it though x

    • 68
      Lucy At Home

      Yes that’s a bit like me – I keep setting milestones for myself and think “Once I’ve got X-number of followers” or “Once I’ve achieved X” I’ll start telling people… but the milestones have come and gone and it’s still a secret! Oops!

  37. 69
    Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    I totally get this! I told my family straight away and they’ve been really supportive. My close friends know about, but I always feel really awkward when they talk about it. With Alice starting school I worry a lot about the school mum’s finding out. To think they may read it, judge me or laugh scares me. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  38. 70

    It’s interesting to see which bloggers ‘went public’ immediately and which didn’t. My first blog (3 Children and It) was a secret for about a year, from anyone other than really close friends and family and to be honest, I would rather it had stayed that way! People kept talking about it went I bumped into them and word got around – they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t keen to put it out there and I think my reasons were all very similar to yours. Some people know I’ve started a new one, others don’t. I’m not blogging about my children any more so that aspect has been eradicated. It’s certainly a tough one and I still can’t understand why I HATE people mentioning my blog in public!

  39. 72

    My blog has never been anonymous but I didn’t share it on my personal Facebook for a while after I started. The only thing I don’t like about all my family reading my blog is sometimes I do feel like I have to censor myself – especially because my mum and mother-in-law both read it! I actually do have a second blog my mum doesn’t know about and I occasionally publish on there if I really want to get something off my chest and I don’t want her to read it 🙂 #SharingTheBlogLove

  40. 74
    Victoria - Lylia Rose

    I don’t keep my blog a secret, but I don’t think anyone reads it from my family. A couple of friends occasionally read it. I’m super proud of my blog and thoughts and if others don’t like it or think it’s rubbish, well, that’s their opinion, not mine and I’m not going to worry about it! I say be proud of your blog and tell them. It’s great to have a passion and great to share it too 🙂 #brillblogposts

  41. 77

    Today was a huge milestone for me … my husband shared my first paid for sponsored post on his personal Facebook … I was so grateful to him. It’s a huge deal. The funny thing is that I’m not sure any of the personal friends who saw it even realise that they had a window into my blog, or even what a blog is! lol
    Not even sure how to process this! #stayclassymama

  42. 80

    Not many people know about my blog. My husband, my Mum & my two sisters and that’s it. I’m always worried what people will say if they were to find out, to the point where I took my website link off my instagram account because someone IRL followed me haha! I think I need to figure out why I’m so worried about people knowing and then learn to overcome that because my blog is a big part of me and I don’t think I want to hide it forever!

  43. 81
    Carol Cameleon

    My blog’s never been a secret but I didn’t share it across my social media until around 18 months ago. I don’t really consider what anyone thinks to me being a blogger as important to be quite honest. As I’ve got older, I’ve come to realise that it’s my blog, like it or lump it! #brillblogposts

  44. 82
    Gaa Gaa Land

    So many comments! I’m anonymous and don’t share pics of me or my kids – just Playmobil characters to try and illustrate the point of the post.
    It’s tough, as I think people love that personal touch and engage more when you’re completely open. I will stay anon however as for me, it’s better to not be seen than to face the viciousness of some people on the Internet and it allows me more freedom when writing.
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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