Bloggers Bluff #16: Autumn’s Mummy

Bloggers Bluff is a guest post game for bloggers and this week we’re featuring Laura who blogs over at Autumn’s Mummy.

The Rules: Our blogger of the week will tell us three unusual stories about themselves. Two will be true. One will be completely made up! 

Laura has been dabbling in blogging for quite a while, but Autumn’s Mummy is just a few months old. I love the honesty that Laura portrays in her writing. I recently read a post about the difficulty she had accepting her daughter’s name after a traumatic stay in hospital, and it really resonated with me as my daughter also had major surgery at a very young age. It’s definitely worth a read if you get chance.

Last Week’s Reveal

Anyway, did you catch Bloggers Bluff with Twin Mummy and Daddy? I can now reveal that her bluff was:

Bloggers Bluff C: Doing a charity bungee jump

I don’t blame you, Emily – you wouldn’t get me doing a bungee jump either, even if it was for a good cause! Haha.

This Week

Okay, so as I said, this week we’re joined by Laura from Autumn’s Mummy.

Bloggers Bluff 16 Autumns Mummy


Let’s find a little bit more about her…

How long have you been blogging, Laura?

I’ve been blogging on and off for 11 years, but I have had this blog since January 2017 so it’s still very new and exciting!

What’s the best thing about blogging?

Finding the time to do something I enjoy, writing, and seeing other people enjoying and interacting with it too!

Describe your blog in 3 sentences or less.

Put simply, my blog is about life, love and motherhood. I blog about my everyday life and plethora of interests, including parenting, beauty and fashion.

What’s your best piece of blogging advice?

Enjoy your writing and hopefully your passion will come across to your readers!

Autumn’s Mummy

If you’d like to know more, here are the details for Autumn’s Mummy:


Twitter @Autumns_Mummy

Facebook @Autumns Mummy Blog

Instagram @Autumns_Mummy

Pinterest @Autumns_Mummy

YouTube @Autumn’s Mummy

Bloggers Bluff

I’d love to have more bloggers take part so if you fancy being featured on Bloggers Bluff, just drop me an email. It’s open to all genres and experience levels 🙂

Now let’s get down to business! Here are Laura’s three Bloggers Bluff submissions:

Bloggers Bluff ABloggers Bluff Laura Autumn's Mummy

I collect souvenir coins from those machines you have at various attractions that squash a picture onto a 1p coin. I have 356 of them now! My first one was from the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall when I was 7 years old and my most recent one has a giraffe on it and came from Port Lympne Reserve in Lympne, Kent.

Bloggers Bluff B

I always wanted to learn how to knit when I was pregnant so that I could knit little blankets, cardigans and booties. My husband’s Grandma tried to teach me how to knit, but it didn’t go very well. I just kept dropping stitches and got so frustrated that I had to give up! Luckily she knitted Autumn a lovely blanket, so I didn’t feel quite so bad that I couldn’t do it myself

Bloggers Bluff C

On my hen party, we did several activities and I had notes from my bridesmaids with clues about what the next activity was. One of them included bouncing around a local park on space hoppers, which was great fun! Fortunately, it was raining so we only saw one person and he laughed at us.

So there you have it. Which one is the fib and which two actually happened?!

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  1. 3

    My guess is A- I will have to come back and check next week if I am right! I am happy to join as a guest if you are still looking for some Lucy? #Dreamteamlinky

  2. 7

    How have I never come across this series!! Amazing!
    My guess is A, I’m thinking a lot of thought was put into the details to try and through people off!! #DreamTeam

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