BlogCrush Week 78 – 10th August 2018

Good morning, fellow bloggers (and any others who’ve popped along for browse of this week’s reading selections!), this is BlogCrush Week 78.


First off, let me make a BIG APOLOGY because I didn’t respond to anyone’s tweets about linking up to last week’s BlogCrush. Unfortunately I have been laid up in bed with tonsillitis and was too ill to even pick up my phone, never mind make conversation. However, I have been through and commented on all the posts and I tweeted them all out then so I hope that’s okay.

I am definitely on the mend now and hope to resume full linky hosting duties this week 🙂

About BlogCrush

A linky is a place where lots of different bloggers can advertise their posts. That means there will be loads of interesting and varied posts for you to click on at the bottom of this page!

Writers can add their posts to the BlogCrush from 6am (BST) Friday until 9pm Sunday but the posts will be here indefinitely so you can always pop back and find your favourites again later.

– If you’re a blogger who would like to join in, add 2 posts (1 of yours AND 1 by someone else) by clicking the blue “add your link” button

– If you’re a reader who would like to find some fab posts, then scroll to the bottom – each thumbnail picture will take you to a different blog post

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Join our linky grey BlogCrush Week 78

This week’s hosts are:

The BlogCrush linky is for bloggers who like to support and encourage others. It’s a real feel-good linky, sprinkling happiness all over the blogging world!

If you’ve ever read a blog post and thought, “This is fab! More people need to read this” then BlogCrush is the linky for you! We ask our bloggers to add a post of their own AND a post they’ve enjoyed that was written by someone else.

That means you might be here because someone nominated your post as their BlogCrush…

Congratulations! Someone must have really liked your post! You don’t have to do anything, but if you would like to display your “I was featured on blogcrush” badge, that would be great. Just copy the code from the text box below and paste it into the HTML / text section of your blog!

Lucy At Home Gentle Parenting Blogger - Blogcrush Week 78


The Rules

  • Join in with 2 posts:
    • 1 post from your blog (personal) – no linkies please
    • 1 post from someone else’s blog (your #BlogCrush)
  • When you add your BlogCrush (post written by someone else) to the InLinkz form, put “BC” at the beginning of their title
  • Tweet your BlogCrush (& us) to let them know you’ve added them to the linky and share their link (@lucy_at_home and @daydreamer_mum). Please tweet us your own BlogCrush posts too so we can share them for you.
  • Comment using the #BlogCrush hashtag on at least these 4 posts:
    • 1 post from Host 1 (personal or BC)
    • 1 post from Host 2 (personal or BC)
    • 2x personal posts from the rest of the link up

So that’s a minimum of 4 posts.

    • Add the #BlogCrush badge to the post that you’re linking up from your own blog. You can do this by copying the gobblydygook code in the box below and pasting it into the HTML view of your post.

Lucy At Home Gentle Parenting Blogger - Blogcrush Week 78

BlogCrush Week 78

Featured Posts

Every link-up, the two BlogCrush hosts choose a brilliant post each from the previous week to be our BlogCrush “host posts” and these are added back into the linky for more views and comments. This is a great way to get some extra exposure for the best posts.

Wendy and I were hosting last week so we’ve chosen the featured posts for BlogCrush Week 78:

Wendy’s Blogcrush choice is The Agony of being Fat-Shamed in Public by 3 Little Buttons

My Blogcrush choice is It’s Okay to Take a Blog Break by The Mum Affairs

I’ve been thinking a lot, recently, about how to make my blog work for me rather than me working for it, so this post from Soffy was very timely for me – it’s all about the okay-ness (yes that’s a word!) of taking a break from time to time.

Congratulations – you are both featured blogcrushers for Blogcrush week 78! You are now eligible for the prestigious (!) “I’ve been featured” blog badge, which you can collect from the top of the page.

Host Post

For BlogCrush Week 78, I’m linking up Probably the most Yorkshire Afternoon Tea EVER!

I’m very proud of my Yorkshire heritage and, it’s safe to say, I love a Yorkshire pudding! I also love cake (who doesn’t, right?!). So when I was invited along to a local pub to try out a meal that serves cakes inside Yorkshire puddings, how could I refuse??

Yorkshire Afternoon Tea - three tier stand of afternoon tea delights in Yorkshire Puddings - Barnsley - BlogCrush Week 78


Thank you for popping by for BlogCrush Week 78. Here are the posts for this week:

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