BlogCrush Week 51 – 2nd February 2018

This is the BlogCrush linky – a place where bloggers from across the globe come together to share their posts, and the posts they’ve enjoyed by other bloggers. This is BlogCrush Week 51.

– If you’re a blogger, we’d love you to join in and share your work with some other fab creatives.

– If you’re a blog-reader, you can expect a choice of some of the best blog posts around in the list below. Just keep scrolling to the bottom of this post.

BlogCrush (as far as we know) is totally unique as a linky because we ask our bloggers to add a post of their own AND a post that they loved by someone else. It means that our link up is packed full of quality posts from lots of different genres, and it’s a great way to gift some extra exposure to the posts that have really grabbed your attention.

If you’re a blogger but you haven’t joined a linky before, check out my beginner’s linky guide which will tell you everything you need to know!

Join our linky BlogCrush week 51


Advance Notice:

16th Feb is our 1 year anniversary! We’re hosting a special giveaway EXCLUSIVELY for our linkers so don’t forget to pop by, even if you can’t link up that particular week. It’s gonna be GREAT!


This week’s hosts are:

This our “I’ve been featured” blog badge – if one of your posts has been added to the BlogCrush linky by someone else, CONGATULATIONS! They loved it so much, they wanted to share it for you here. That is something to shout about so let everyone know by copying the code from the text box below and pasting it into the HTML / text section of your blog.

Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 51

We now have a BlogCrush Pinterest Board. Wendy, Alice and myself thought it would be nice to have a board where we can showcase all the fabulous posts that are linked up here each week. We have also created a “best of blogcrush” board where the host’s featured blogcrush posts will get a second pin. Please pop over and give us a Pinterest follow (and obvs we’ll follow you back) –





The Rules

  • Join in with 2 posts:
    • 1 post from your blog (personal) – no linkies please
    • 1 post from someone else’s blog (your #BlogCrush)
  • When you add your BlogCrush (post written by someone else) to the InLinkz form, put “BC” at the beginning of their title
  • Comment using the #BlogCrush hashtag on at least these 4 posts:
    • 1 post from Host 1 (personal or BC)
    • 1 post from Host 2 (personal or BC)
    • 2x personal posts from the rest of the link up

Remember you can always comment on more, though. This is just the minimum. The more effort we put into a linky, the more we all get out of it 🙂

    • Add the #BlogCrush badge to the post that you’re linking up from your own blog. You can do this by copying the gobblydygook code in the box below and pasting it into the HTML view of your post.

Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 51

Blogcrush Week 51

Featured Posts

As co-hosts we get the lovely job of choosing a post each from the previous linky to be our BlogCrushes. Please note: we only choose your personal posts for this special honour (i.e. not your BC nominations) and they must contain the linky badge.

These two favourites are then added back into the linky the following week as featured posts. Alice and I were hosting last week so we’ve chosen the featured posts for BlogCrush Week 51:

Alice’s Blogcrush post is We’re All Stories In The End… by Daydreams of a Mum

Lucy’s Blogcrush post is Reflections by Me and Mini Mees

This wistful post from Matthew about his teenage son is really thought-provoking and asks the question, “can we be free from the demons that hold us back?”. I truly hope that this boy can reach his full potential and shake off his past, but it’s certainly not an easy task…

Congratulations, guys! Please collect your “I’ve been featured” badges from the top of the page 

Host Post

My post for BlogCrush Week 51 is called Show-and-tell Develops Confident Kids & Here’s Why…

Do you remember doing show-and-tell at school? Each Friday, there was an opportunity to bring something into school to show the rest of your class – swimming certificates, holiday souvenirs, favourite books, etc. Well I recently had an a bit of a disagreement with Jenny’s class teacher for cancelling show-and-tell. There are so many benefits of hosting show-and-tell, as well as lots of life-skills to be learnt.

Read the whole story here and find out why I was so keen to have it reinstated!

running giveaways course child holding daisy BlogCrush Week 51


Thank you so much for popping by and joining in with BlogCrush Week 51, either as a linker or as a reader, and I hope to see you again next week.

Love, Lucy x

P.S. Please add the linky badge to your posts as it encourages more people to join in 🙂

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