Saying goodbye: The back to school blues

It’s time for the kids to go back to school.

Busy, Busy!

When they’re at home, life is really busy and I rush around like a crazy lady. As I breeze haphazardly through the lounge en-route to the garden, laden down with a pile of soggy washing to be pegged out, I shoot a longing look at the settee and wonder when it feels like to have a couple of seconds to myself.

So yes I get it – keeping the children entertained through the school holidays is hard work* but I’ve got used to them being around!

  • I’ve got used to having them invading my bedroom first thing in the morning
  • I’ve got used to staying in my PJs until lunchtime
  • I’ve got used to having company while I have my 11 o’clock snack
  • I’ve got used to filling my days with painting and dressing up and CBeebies.

I don’t want them to go back to school!

Back To School Day = Back To Quiet Days

The house felt really quiet today. I missed the chattering and the busyness. I missed having my “helpers” around when it was time to load the dishwasher. I missed the little heads poking around the kitchen door, just wondering what I’m up to.

I Back to school stepsnever realised that, as mums, we ALSO get the back to school blues! Of course, we can’t admit it. No! We have to be full of the excitement of returning, and talk about the friends they’ll see and the adventures they’ll have.
But yeah – we still feel it…

And we’re off…

My eldest had been feeling a little anxious and kept saying that she would miss me. But once through the school gates, she was off. She even managed to run into the classroom without her book bag, she was so eager to get in, and I had to call her back to collect it! I think often the thought of something looming is worse than when it actually happens…

But I did miss her…


*For my low-cost solution to keeping the kids entertained through the holidays, click here



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