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I first came across Orange Tree Toys when my 1 year old fell in love with one of their Lion Push-Alongs. Unfortunately, said push-along was not hers, and she had a full-on meltdown in the middle of the garden centre when I asked her to put it back on the shelf. I had to escort her very quickly off the premises!

After that rather rocky start, it is now tradition for us to bribe Charis (yes I’m a bad mummy!) with a browse of the Orange Tree Toys section if she’ll walk nicely around the garden centre first.

So you can imagine my excitement when Orange Tree Toys agreed to send me some of their wonderful wooden toys to review on Lucy At Home!

Lion Xylophone

The Orange Tree Toys characters are painted with vivid colours and, after seeing the success of the Lion Push-Along, I knew the Lion Xylophone would be hit with little Charis. She loves to bang around and make lots of noise. At just £14.99, it’s great value for money.

Orange Tree Toys Xylophone

Colourful, wooden xylophone in a lion design


Unlike most xylophone toys, the Orange Tree Toys xylophone has a very mellow sound because the rainbow-coloured bars are made of wood rather than metal (a definite plus point in my book!).

Xylophones are a great way for young children to explore musical concepts:

  • Different bars make different notes
  • Long bars make low notes and short bars make high notes
  • Hitting hard makes loud notes and tapping gently makes quiet notes
  • Using two sticks together, you can make a “chord” (2 notes playing simultaneously)

It may seem simple to us, but these are the first steps on the journey of music. It’s also a great lesson in cause-and-effect.

Orange Tree Toys Xylophone Side View

Side-view of the Lion Xylophone

Wooden Cream Tea Set

The Wooden Cream Tea Set is aimed at slightly older children (3+) and, I’m sure you’ll agree, is beautiful! It was so easy to photograph because the pieces are just gorgeous! This whole set is just £25.

Orange Tree Toys Wooden Cream Tea Set Portrait

Beautiful Wooden Cream Tea Set

Imaginative Play is so important and as soon as I showed these little cakes to Charis, she pretended to start eating them. This was then followed by shoving one into mummy’s mouth… and then getting out every teddy bear, doll and stuffed toy she could find, for a tea party!

Orange Tree Toys Tea Party

Charis and her toys having a tea party with the Wooden Cream Tea Set

You can buy the scones and the buns separately if you want to. Or there is even a full Afternoon Tea set, complete with triangle sandwiches (how very posh!).

Orange Tree Toys Three Wooden Cupcakes

Three wooden cupcakes

Orange Tree Toys

Yes okay, I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for wooden toys. There’s just something about them that feels special. They’re the sort of toys that you know will last and you’ll tuck safely away in the attic for your kids’ kids to play with!

The Orange Tree Toys we’ve seen definitely have that sort of sparkle and we’ve loved reviewing them.

Thank you, Orange Tree Toys!


Disclaimer: I was sent the xylophone and cream tea set for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. For more info, check out my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. 1

    I love that cake stand and cake set! It’s so sweet. I am actually getting my little man a wooden kitchen for his birthday in November, these would make a great addition.

  2. 7
    This Mum's Life

    I totally agree-there’s something very special about wooden toys!! I absolutely love the cream tea set-my children would adore this!! They’re so into imaginative play at the moment (they’re normally tearing around a park or field somewhere, with no interest in any other form of playing,) so I’m relieved they’re getting into something else!! These toys look lovely, and amazing quality!

  3. 23
    My Petit Canard

    We’re huge fans of wooden toys and these Orange Tree ones are beautiful! Im not sure if we’ve come across them before so I’m off to have a browse now, the little lady could do with a little afternoon tea set to compliment the three tea sets she has 😉 Emily #TheList #MarvMondays

  4. 27

    We love sodden toys here, they’re so much nicer than plastic stuff! My son was given the xylophone as a christening gift and we love it, not too noisy, he’s fascinated with it and even though his still only little I can see him loving it when he gets a bit bigger! #bloggerclubuk

  5. 29
    Mudpie Fridays

    Wooden toys are by far my favourite and I shudder to think of the amount of money I have spent on them over the last four years. However they are worth every penny and wear so well and are so much more interesting for the kiddies. I can’t wait for Kipper to have some toys of his own too! At five months we have a little while yet! Stopping by from #BigPinkLink

  6. 40

    That is a gorgeous tea set and it looks like it will last for a very long time, there is definitely something special about wooden toys. Thanks for linking up with #totallytoys

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