Why Having A Cold Shower Isn’t Such A Bad Idea


When we went on holiday last year, the swimming pool had a plunge pool that was just 12 degrees celsius. It’s fair to say I screamed…! But there are actually lots of benefits to immersing yourself in cold water. Mobility Plus have written a blog post all about the health benefits of taking a cold shower such as increasing fertility and improving mental well-being.

why you should consider having a cold shower

Why It’s Worth Trying A Cold Shower

I have to admit, the thought of having a cold shower doesn’t particularly appeal to me. I go in the shower to relax and unwind (as a stay at home mum, those 10 minutes to myself feel like a holiday!).

But I can definitely see how a cold shower can be invigorating. I’m sure we can all remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge” craze of 2014, when we all decided to throw cold water over ourselves in support of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association! It definitely got your heart racing!

But cold water is not just for water fights. According to Mobility Plus, it can also improve blood circulation, relieve depression, and stimulate weight loss. So perhaps that cold shower is not looking so ridiculous now!

why a cold shower is good for your health

Making Showers Accessible

Of course many people struggle to have showers due to accessibility issues. But Mobility Plus have a great range of walk-in showers that feature things like wider openings for wheelchair users, level access shower trays, and built-in seating. They’re also stylish and provide washing facilities for the whole family.

As a family, we know first-hand the role that good design can play in helping someone with additional needs access the world. By thinking outside the box a little and adapting our designs to meet the needs of individuals, we actually become a more inclusive society.

I’d love to know – Have you ever had a cold shower? What strange health recommendations have you tried and did they work? Let me know by adding a comment below.

health benefits of a cold shower

Disclosure: This post is an advertisement feature for Mobility Plus. I was asked to point you to some of the products of my choosing on their website for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own. For more information, please check out my disclosure policy.


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