Our Christmas Scan and Go Challenge from Asda

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Christmas is so close and, having had a horrible cold for the last two weeks, I am waaaay behind with the preparations. So when Asda challenged us to go food shopping on one of the busiest weekends of the year, I thought “what have I got to lose!” Haha.

scan and go asda carpark zebra crossing

Trying out the Scan and Go

Asda challenged us to do our Christmas food shop with their Scan and Go system.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a technophobe. I’ve just about got used to the self-serve checkouts but, until this weekend, I’d always walked straight past the handheld Scan and Go devices. The supermarket always seems like a very public place to try out something new and I don’t want to look silly!

But I’m always up for a challenge so I took a deep breath and headed to the rack of scanners.

There was a touchscreen display where I had to fill in a few simple details and suddenly one of the devices started flashing – that was mine. We were off…!

scan and go device asda glasshaughton

Shopping with the Scan and Go

Once we started, the Scan and Go was surprisingly easy to use. We headed straight for the Christmas aisle for some Christmas wrapping paper. All you have to do is find the bar code on the label, point the scanner at it, press the button… and voila!

scan and go on asda christmas wrapping paper

While we were there, I found a Christmas Wreath for just £8 so we scanned that too and popped it into the trolley.

There is a little holder near the trolley handle for the Scan and Go device to sit in. This means you don’t need to rummage around the trolley looking for it. You can also see a list of everything you’ve bought and a running total of your shop.

scan and go device in trolley

Get the kids involved

By this time, the girls were itching to have a go so we went off in search of Mince Pies and other Christmas food-y essentials.

We always have a buffet tea on Christmas evening so I was very pleased to stumble across Asda’s 85 piece platter which includes cocktail sausages, mini scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and chicken bites.

scan and go christmas party food from asda

using the scan and go to make shopping quicker - asda mince pies

The kids really enjoyed being able to use the Scan and Go, and it helped to keep them enthused about the shopping trip. They were keen to find the next item to scan, which was great because sometimes getting them to walk around the supermarket can feel like such a battle!

scan and go challenge christmas wrapping paper

The last few items on the shopping list were the ingredient’s for hubby’s homemade hot chocolate! This has become a bit of a family tradition in our house – hot chocolate around the Christmas tree – and it always signals the start of the Christmas season for us (because when else in the year can you get away with drinking pure chocolate mixed with whipping cream?!) Haha.

using the scan and go to buy hot chocolate

relaxing with hot chocolate after scan and go challenge

Then we went to the Scan and Go checkout. This is where the Scan and Go really comes into it’s own – you just have to scan a QR code on the checkout screen, follow the instructions, and pay. All your shopping is already packed in the trolley so you’re ready to go immediately!

paying at the scan and go checkout asda

Pros and Cons of Scan and Go

It took a few minutes to register at the beginning before we were allocated a scanner because this was our first time using the scan and go. However it should be much quicker in future.

scan and go christmas shopping at asda

I was surprised how easy it was to use the scan and go device and I found it really helpful to have a running total of my shopping so I didn’t go over budget. You can easily take things off if you change your mind and heading to the checkout at the end knowing that everything was already packed was great!

scan and go holder on trolley asda

It took me a while to get into the habit of scanning things before putting them into the trolley but I would definitely do Scan and Go again – it was a very efficient way to shop.

Scan and Go is available in stores across Yorkshire, including Asda Glasshaughton, Asda Harrogate, and Asda Morley.

the scan and go checkout

Have you ever used the Asda scan and go system? Are you a technophobe or do you like trying new gadgets? What’s the one Christmas food you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments section below.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Asda. We were asked to use the scan and go for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own. For more info, please check out my disclosure policy.

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  1. 2
    Parent Bear

    I’m just like you. I hate trying out new tech things, and it seems like there’s something new every day. On the other hand… time is something I don’t have much of! So scan and go sounds like a great time saver! So gonna try it out! Thanks!

  2. 4
    kerry robinson

    They’ve just installed these at a larger Asda near to us and it looks great but I don’t do my main shop there. I remember them being trialled many years ago and they never worked etc so didn’t stay around long. I do wonder though how they know you’ve scanned everything in your trolley.

  3. 8
    Alice V

    It sounds cool and would make shopping faster and easier to budget because you can see all the prices and total any time. How do they keep people from stealing things? Unless they are watching with a million cameras like a Las Vegas casino I don’t know how they would keep people from pocketing goods. #Blogcrush

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