Books For Babies (aged 0-18mth)

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Babies love books. Even at 4mths old, my daughter understood the concept of page turning and loved being able to reveal newimages by doing so. Plus, it’s so easy to stuff a couple of books in your changing bag for emergency entertainment! So without further ado…reading sat on books

My 5 Favourite Books for Babies:

Tickle, Tickle – Helen Oxenbury

Babies love to be tickled. In just 4 pages, this short book takes us from messy time, through wash time, and ends with tickle time! Accompanying actions are not directly given, but my daughter and I couldn’t help but join in with each activity (check out this post on reading with actions).

Duck’s Day Out – Jez Alborough

It’s so nice to find a baby book with an actual plot line! Using short phrases, sound effects and simple rhyming language, Jez Alborough recounts this story of Duck and his friend, Sheep, who go out on a boat trip together.


Is This My Nose? – Red Fox

This book, delightfully illustrated by Georgie Birkett, asks the reader to find the nose of an animal, then the nose of a child, and finally their own nose. Then we move onto a different feature (eyes, ears, chin, etc). It is excellent for encouraging children to engage in what they’re reading as well as helping them learn about themselves.

I Can Do Everything (Board Tower) – Parragon Books

This brightly coloured tower of 10 books covers topics ranging from saying hello to tidying up. The books encourage positive thinking and build confidence by exploring each behaviour in lots of different circumstances (e.g. QUIET: “I can be quiet when it’s bedtime. I can be quiet when I’m eating.” etc). Their size make them great for stacking too!

The Very Lazy Ladybird – Isobel Finn

This is another baby book that has a storyline (hurray!). The Lazy Ladybird tries to hitch a ride on lots of different animals so it’s great for introducing babies to different animal noises. In my experience, babies can make a range of animal noises long before they start saying proper words. Our version of this book has a pop-out page at the end which always causes great hilarity!

Now you’ve got a few books to read, check out my post on HOW to read with babies.

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  1. 4

    I’m a massive advocate of books and reading to our children as soon as we can. Bonding, learning and stimulation. It’s my favourite activity with my son, some fab books listed! #dreamteam

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    Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    That looks like a great collection of books for little ones. I love this post because I think it’s so important to encourage little ones to get into books from an early age. I read to Little Button from a few days old… Mr Button thought I was crazy, but reading has stuck and she just can’t get enough of books now. She wants to be a writer when she grows up!

    Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

    • 6
      Lucy At Home

      Yes I think reading to them early on makes a really big difference. My 5yo still loves books and I’m sure it’s because we nurtured a love for them when she was tiny. Thanks for commenting. L

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