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Mums With L Plates is a brand new Facebook group where mums can chat, have fun, and have company along the mum journey!

Why Mums With L Plates?

I’m a mama to two girls, age 7 and 3. After being a mum for seven years, do I have it all sorted and know exactly what I’m doing? NOPE! I’m still floundering and making stuff up as I go along. And why? Because the goal posts keep changing!

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I remember when Jenny was born – it took me 8 weeks to get the hang of feeding her, but after that we settled into a nice little routine and I thought I was getting the hang of things…

Then suddenly, she was 6 months old and I was being told to throw that routine out the window – I had to start giving her solids. I didn’t know what to make; whatever I did make, she didn’t want to eat; and when she did finally eat something, she also spread it over her hair and body too!

I was back to square one again.

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What I didn’t realise at the time is that this is the pattern that being a mum takes – you struggle, you adapt, you learn, things change, you struggle, you adapt, you learn… etc.

You’re a toddler mum, then a nursery mum, then a school mum, then a teenage mum. You might find yourself a single mum, or an adoptive mum, or a twin mum, or a mum to a child who needs extra support. You might be a boy mum, or a girl mum, or both. You could be a working mum or a stay at home mum, or a mum who needs to find a way to parent through mental health problems.

As our children grow, we adapt and grow with them. Life throws curveballs and suddenly we have to learn a whole new set of strategies. Being a mum is never a linear journey – there are peaks and troughs as we try to navigate it all and do the best we can for our kiddies.

We are the mums with L plates!

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Who is the group for?

If you feel like you’re muddling through but you’re keen to share the journey with others and support them, then Mums With L Plates is the group for you!

We’re a group of mums who share our ups and downs and learn from each other. We love our kids deeply but sometimes it’s hard and we just need a fellow mum to confide in. We are creating a place where people can admit they are struggling and then be cheered along by everyone else.

This is not a group for anyone interested in child- or mum-shaming.

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What will be happening?


The main focus will be the chat topics every Tuesday and Friday, where we can share ideas and things that work for us, as well as talk about the bits we’re unsure about. At the moment, I’m putting some topic ideas forward, but as the group grows, I’m happy for people to send me suggestions and I’ll get them added in.


I’m also launching a Mums with L Plates Instagram hashtag – #mumswithlplates – for all your family- / child-orientated photos! Every Wednesday we will start a new Instagram thread on the Facebook group and you can add any pics there that you’ve used the Instagram tag for and I will pick a favourite to share on my Lucy At Home Instagram account.


There will also be other fun stuff to get involved with including memes, a weekly “throwback Thursday” thread where we’ll reminisce about our own childhoods, and some stuff to help us get to know each as a group.

Mums With L Plates Facebook Group - child in a princess dress having a tea party in the garden

Some rules

Like any group, there have to be a few rules to keep things ticking over nicely. I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum and they may change as the group evolves but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • No selling
  • No random link dropping
  • We are a community of mums that build each other up. Any unkind comments will be removed
  • Bloggers – feel free to share links to your posts if they are relevant to a conversation but please explain what the post is about before you post the URL

Mums With L Plates Facebook Group - child eating ice cream or ice lolly fab

Let me in!

So if you’d like to be involved, please search for Mums With L Plates on Facebook or follow this link – – and ask to join.

It’d be great if you could share this group with your friends and family too as it is primarily aimed at “real world” mamas rather than just blogging mamas (but hopefully it will also a great way to bridge the gap between parenting bloggers and mums in the real world too).


PIN it for later:

Mums With L Plates Facebook Group For Mums As We Grow And Adapt - every time we think we're getting the hang of it, the kids reach a new stage - this is a support network for mums as we work out way through mum life and parenting #mumlife


Add yours
  1. 5

    Love the concept and the name is inspired! I have a 17 year old and still learn every day how little I know and am definitely usually to be found floundering. All the best with the new venture #BlogCrush

  2. 7
    Mother of 3

    This sounds like a wonderful group! I often joke that motherhood is one long experiment– you never know if what you are doing is really working until it’s all over. #blogcrush

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