I Have A Little Superpower: A Poem

Today’s post is a little poem about being sensitive and being anxious.


I have always been sensitive and picked up on other people’s emotions quickly. But in recent years, this sensitivity has made me anxious. Having a constant stream of extra information about how someone is feeling makes it difficult to focus on what I want to say. I worry about causing upset if I’m not saying what people want to hear. I have worry about being the reason that someone is unhappy or struggling.

As a sensitive person, I know how horrible it is when someone says something hurtful without thinking. I don’t want to do that to someone else.

Being sensitive means that I recognise a person’s feelings even when they are trying to keep them hidden. I can hear when they are frustrated with me, and I can see when I have upset them. I am constantly evaluating if I’m saying the “right” thing and trying to gauge people’s reactions.

It is exhausting!

A lot of the time, I wish I could just switch it off. This is my superpower.

My Superpower: Sensitive - child looking at flowers

I have a little superpower

I have a little super power I wish that wasn’t there
For I cannot help but use it though it drives me to despair.
I have a canny nack, you see, for reading people’s minds:
A facial twitch, a small eye-flit – I’m clocking all the signs.

It’s a skill I’ve quite perfected and rely on every day.
I do not use it consciously, it’s just become my way.
We speak and I continually monitor your thoughts
To see if you agree or actually hate my little discourse.

You’d think that, being a telepath, I’d be at an advantage;
A friend would struggle with her words, my superpower I’d brandish.
But it doesn’t seem to work like that. In fact, I’m all at sea.
I get myself tied up in knots. I know too much, you see.

I notice when you disagree, I see you disapprove.
I find it hard to carry on and make my counter-move.
It stops me in my tracks when I can tell you’re not on board.
I stumble over all my words. I’m well and truly floored.

I wish that I could use my gift to help out those I love,
To be the friend who “gets it” no matter what we speak of.
Superpowers work like that. Everybody knows.
You swoop in there and save the day and then get hailed a hero.

But mine just isn’t like that. In fact it’s very different.
It means I don’t know what to think. I’m lost and inconsistent.
I’m scared to speak my truth. I’m scared to voice my point of view
In case I put my foot in it and make things worse for you.

Because, you see, I’ll notice. I will see when you’re upset.
I know you’ll try to hide it but I’m a Super, don’t forget.
I’ll see the sadness in your eye when I haven’t understood
And know that I have failed again and feel like I’m no good.

My superpower is being sensitive - sitting on a sandy beach

So now you know my problem, you have heard my tale of woe.
I’ve finally admitted it, though it started long ago.
But do not fear, my lovely friends, this tale does not end here.
I’ve started taking baby steps to end its reign of fear.

Last year I had a revelation (a thought popped in my head) –
A vision of a little space upon the interweb.
I could write myself a blog, I thought (my mind began to buzz),
A little potted history of the life and times of us.

And so I did, and so was born the blog you’re reading now.
I began to tap my thoughts out on my keyboard and somehow
The world was filled with people who were interested in me,
Who thought that I had things to say and stuff they’d like to read.

Sometimes they agree with me and sometimes they oppose,
But that’s okay. We’re different. It doesn’t mean that we are foes.
I tell you my opinions but you read them far away.
That means no more superpowers getting in the way.

And now that I have seen that my opinions are valid,
I’m getting brave in “real life” and trying to be more candid.
I will not let my superpower make me anxious anymore.
I’m stronger now. I’m braver. I’m not the person I was before.

So thank you, lovely readers, for your ongoing support,
For cheering on my mini wins and overlooking flaws,
For showing me that differences, in fact, are still okay.
We cannot always think the same – it would be boring that way.

I used to think I thought too much. I hated my superpower.
Now I see I’m sensitive and that makes me feel empowered.
I thought I had to “get it right”, be just the same as you.
Now I see that being me is just as appealing too.



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  1. 1
    Heather Keet

    I love this post! I love that you are embracing this as a positive trait and not a negative. I’m not overly sensitive and it leads me to smash people’s feelings from time to time. #BlogCrush

  2. 3
    The Mummy Bubble

    Fabulous post! I can really relate to worrying about saying the wrong thing. I over analyse everything I’ve done and worry I’ve upset someone after I’ve seen them. So glad your blog has given you more confident in real life. Brilliant poem xx #blogcrush

  3. 4

    Great post! I can relate. I hate the anxiety that being sensitive can bring…always worrying about other people is, indeed, exhausting. But then who would be there to care? Keep your superpower I say and well done for embracing it. #blogcrush

  4. 5
    Liberty Henwick

    Wow, well done with that poem, great job! I can also relate to being overly sensitive, have you heard about being an ’empath’? It resonated so much with me and maybe it will with you too. It helped me understand myself a bit better, and to be a bit kinder to myself! #blogcrush

  5. 7

    I have the opposite (I wouldn’t call mine a superpower) I find it so difficult to ‘read’ people and when they get upset with me I feel confused. I couldn’t tell they were annoyed or upset and I tend to make matters worse 🙁 I love your poem and I’m so glad your blog has helped and that you are seeing it now as a positive super powers 🙂 #blogcrush

  6. 8
    Noleen Miller

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive – look at it from this perspective. Being sensitive means that you are aware of your surroundings, in touch with your inner most feelings and empathetic towards other people. Don’t see it as a weakness.#Blogcrush

  7. 12
    The Squirmy Popple

    Its so great you can turn something that you saw as a negative into a positive. I think being able to perceive other people’s feelings is a great trait to have – though I can see how it could get overwhelming! I’ts great that blogging has helped too. #dreamteam

  8. 13
    Rhyming with Wine

    I absolutely love this Lucy! I’m a deep thinker too and honestly wish I could just switch my sensitivity off sometimes! (All the time!) I think it’s no coincidence that a high proportion of bloggers seem to have the same anxiety and sensitivity issues as we do. I think that blogging gives us a voice where we are otherwise too anxious to speak. Brilliant poem and I can completely relate xx

  9. 14

    #triumphanttales Aren’t you super talented! I love this poem and also that you found a way to express yourself via your blog. I hope it continues to thrive…p.s our name lucy means light, so even if you are feeling anxious you can still shine 🙂 Lucy super powers…

  10. 19
    Joana at Mind The Mummy

    Lucy this is fantastic and so relatable… I too am a people pleaser which I think is another way of saying I gauge people’s reactions and get anxious about them all the time, trying not to put a foot wrong, etc. I am happy you have found a way of stamping out the monster that this “superpower” can become and keep it tamed so it can be a tool for empathy and not self destruction. Big love to you! #ablogginggoodtime

  11. 21

    I’m a sensitive soul and a serious over thinker so I can really relate to this. I love how your blog has made your more confident and you are now seeing you sensitivity as a positive xx #blogcrush

  12. 23
    Baby Isabella

    A lovely poem x my mummy used to feel this way sensitive to other people’s emotions and body language and it used to put her off her train of thought and make her feel uneasy. Now she just ignores it, sometimes it’s her reading into things. It’s hard to let go of and easy for it to turn into anxiety. I’m glad you have found a positive outlet in your blog for this superpower x #Sharingthebloglove #DreamTeam xx

  13. 26
    Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Ah Lucy, I completely understand this. I’ve always been sensitive to other people’s feelings, and I’ve spent so many nights awake wondering if what I said upset someone. I’m sure half the time they probably didn’t give it a second thought! I love that you can now see this as a positive – I’ve probably gone the other way and I tend to dismiss those thoughts now, but this has given me food for thought as to whether I could channel it in a more positive way. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  14. 28
    Sam - Stressy Mama

    This is a brilliant post. I can actually really relate. I soak up people’s emotions and feelings all the time. I try to block it out but it seeps in. I drive my other half crazy with it because I always know when there’s something wrong or he has something on his mind that he isn’t saying. Haha #TriumphantTales

  15. 30

    This is such an interesting post to read. I do think sensitivity and anxiety go hand in hand. I think the fact you’re looking at it as a superpower is brilliant. #mg

  16. 32
    Bridie By The Sea

    Oh Lucy, I’m sat here crying my eyes out reading your poem as I feel like we’re so incredibly similar. I always loved your blog because I related to your writing but this is truly how I feel often. Scared to say what I really think in case someone doesn’t agree with what I think. My other half always tells me that being sensitive is a wonderful thing as I consider how others’ feel and I agree, that is certainly a superpower! Congrats on being my featured blogger of the week at #dreamteam xxx

  17. 35
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Oh this is lovely and I love the way you’ve ended it so positively – embracing the person that you are and becoming comfortable in your own skin. Blogging can be such a brilliant way of gaining confidence and it sounds like it’s really helped you accept your superpower 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  18. 36
    Mackenzie Glanville

    I am so glad you ahem found you voice and your space where you can write and share your thoughts, blogging really helped me with my sensitivity too. It can be hard being so sensitive, something I always saw as my curse, yet now I am finally seeing the blessings in it. Beautifully written and thank you so much for being part of #mg

  19. 39
    Mama Grace

    Lovely. I think many people can read people and situations but depending on how we were brought up or what we’ve been around we become appropriate and mixed up with what to say. I think tact is important but acknowledging someone else feelings can help too. #sharingthebloglove

  20. 40
    Honest Mum

    Totally relate to this and being an empath is hard. I’m exactly the same and can read people so easily. It’s a wonderful, enriching skill that makes you a caring, compassionate soul but it’s also hard too as ignorance can be more blissful! I’ve always had the knack for knowing who is genuine. Loved this poem, you are such a brilliant creative x

  21. 41

    Ah this is really lovely! I also have a knack of knowing when something is wrong with someone and even though it’s handy at times, sometimes it’s a skill I wish I didn’t have! Damn that sixth sense! Apologies for the late comment, holidays got in the way, better late than never! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, hope to see you on Tuesday!

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