Curriculum Vitae of a Stay At Home Mum PART1

Stay at home mums have no workplace experience? I beg to differ!

The internet is full of articles helpfully advising us on correct Curriculum Vitae (CV) etiquette.

The Curriculum Vitae of a SAHM

BUT I was thinking today about how I might update my Curriculum Vitae. Technically speaking, I have been unemployed for the last 6 years. I have been at home with my children.

It’s not that I’m looking for a job right now. But I was just pondering what I would put in my supposed 6 year ‘gap in employment’ since I’ve been at home with the girls. Maybe I’m being too harsh but I can’t help feeling that most employers would look at the ‘full time mum’ heading and think something along the lines of “but what actual experience have you got in the workplace?” So I’ve come up with some alternative job titles that I could use.

Child Minder

It has always vexed me why child minding is considered a proper, full time job EXCEPT when the children you are looking after are your own. I essentially do everything that a child minder does but without getting paid for it.

Private tutor

Whatever my children are struggling with academically, from naming colours to multiplying fractions, I am their personal teacher. I think up creative, tailor-made activities to engage them so that they can walk back into school, confident that they are up to par with the rest of the class.



Moving away from the childcare side of things, I could write about my experience in the finance sector. Every week I must conjure up tasty, nutritious, fun meals on a very strict budget (a family of 4 living on just 1 modest salary is quite a challengepiggy bank). I also need to factor in any additional costs such as a present for Suzy Dishworth’s birthday party, a replacement pair of school tights which were ripped during a fall, and £5 for the nursery’s latest fundraising scheme. Every ingoing and outgoing is carefully tallied on my computer spreadsheet. There is no margin for error on such a tight budget.


… To be continued…

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    SAHMs arre so employable – so many transferable skills it is ridiculous – the life experience a SAHM has is vast – any employer should snap them up immediately – it’s sad that SAHMs feel that an employer would view them a just as a mum – go rock that notion lovely and show them SAHMs rock! Great read #BloggerClubUK

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      Lucy At Home

      To be honest, I wrote it as much as a confidence booster for myself as I did for the pretend employer! I sometimes wonder if being a SAHM means I’m letting my brain go to waste. So it was quite therapeutic to write 🙂 thanks for commenting. L

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