The Big Secret Pinterest-Perfect Mums Can’t Tell You

We all know them, don’t we – the perfect mums! The ones who are always early to pick their children up from school, complete with immaculate hair, a home-baked cake for the school raffle, and a healthy snack for their children to munch on the way home. The Pinterest-Perfect Mums Social media has put a lot of pressure on us mums. Not content with just seeing the perfect mums at school, we now have their educational craft activities and pristine kitchens beamed into our phones 24/7. They always seem to know what’s going on at school. They breeze into the playground like they’ve had 10 hours to get ready. Their Facebook page is full of family trips to the museum and little Henry’s latest piano accomplishment. They somehow manage to let their toddler loose with a paintbrush without the sofa and … Continue reading The Big Secret Pinterest-Perfect Mums Can’t Tell You